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FS: M4/3 Zoom Lens, F/2 16-160mm 10X Parfocal, covers GH4 sensor in 4K mode
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    1. INFINITY FOCUS. The lens is made "parfocal", providing proper infinity focus. Minimum focusing distance with this lens is about 3 to 4 feet.

    2. PRECISION GLASS. Manufactured in Japan, this zoom precision lens is nearly perfect in optical quality. As the photos demonstrate, the glass on this lens is stunning, though it only resolves 1080p.

    3. PARFOCAL. With most zooms you lose focus as you zoom the lens. However, this lens maintains perfect focus throughout the entire zoom range of 16mm to 160mm. (See photos straight off GH2)

    4. ZOOM. The zoom throw on this lens is about 55 degrees, the zoom barrel is tight with no play. It is smooth and a pleasure to shoot with.

    5. VERY FAST. This is a constant F/2 lens which is an exceptional low light performer. An 8 blade aperture produces a nice round bokeh. The declicked aperture for silent, butter smooth operation. Aperture throw is 45 degrees.

    6. NO VIGNETTING. As set up and tested on the BMPCC and the GH4 in 4K in UHD, there is no vignetting anywhere on this lens. This lens covers the 4K image circle on the GH4, but it only really resolves 1080p resolution, you need Canon Cinema lenses to resolve 4K… As you consider, remember that this lens has a CONSTANT aperture of f/2 all the way out to 160mm! Please be aware, the lens has better sharpness at F/5.6... F/2.0 wide open, like any lens, is relatively soft.

    If you are interested in purchasing this lens from me, please send me a PM or contact me below... This lens is valued at $500USD, but I am willing to sell it for $400USD and free shipping because I know people like good deals! Besides, I need to buy a Canon XA35 so this lens will no longer be needed by me. You win!

    Please visit for high resolution photos.

    Contact: Brennan Kirkpatrick 613-466-0222

    750 x 1334 - 908K
    IMG_0767 - Copy.PNG
    476 x 375 - 203K
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  • I will sell this perfect lens for $200USD, but you have to pay for the shipping...

  • Wow, lots of interest at the new low price!

    First person to show the color of their money takes this bulletproof lens home!

  • I have HUGE interest now... if you want it you better take it soon! Current offer is at $200 USD plus shipping... Looks like it is going through to a sale soon :)

  • How do I delete this thread after it is sold?

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