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Somikon FVL-1420.d video light, 1440lm, cheap
  • I usually shoot only with ambient light, and mostly underwater, but there's one (non-professional) occasion coming up where I'll need a little video light for indoor use.

    When looking for "the most lumens at the lowest price" (not really caring about CRI for the purpose) I stumbled upon the offering of a "Somikon FVL-1420.d" video light, 1440 lumens for just EUR 54,90.

    If anybody is interested in a review, let me know what kind of test-shot or information you could use to tell if that cheap gadget is worth its small price.


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  • I've used this light before as an on camera light for a private party. It's not bad, but I wouldn't recommend it off-camera for anything major. The the adapter is removable which gives you a great adapter to use, and lets you mount the light with the quarter inch thread anywhere. Solid for the price.

  • @shoe_e: Are you sure you used exactly that model? I'm asking because at the Somikon web page, this version (with 204 LEDs) was announced as being new in the last few days - and they had several other models (with less LEDs and lumens) in the past...

    However, it sounds like it will do the simple task it was bought for. And here's an image of the back side:



    that's what I have. I'm not sure who is the knockoff-er here, but they are the same. The one I have claims 160 led's though, so it's very possible that the 204 led's will have a bit more impact.

  • By idea it is quite cheap Chinese light rebranded :-)