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The Four Seasons: Winter
  • Brrrring in the New Year in 4K :)

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  • @DrDave This is great. Choice (Vivaldi), performance, & audio recording all great. Reminds me of my Vivaldi Four Seasons cassette tape that i used to listen to (yep cassette tape!) That lady on lead violin is amazing. Thanks for posting.

  • Thanks @matt_gh2, I will think twice before doing this again :)

  • @DrDave Audio quality is quite good. I'm curious, what are you doing for mics, mixers, recorders and placement? Keep up the great work.

  • @DrDave Outstanding! What a performance and recording!....and the second movement? Second thoughts?

  • @matt_gh2 Thanks, Matt~I used a DR-680 with and RME 400 for the front end and the clock. The main pair was a pair of MKH 40, there were two flanker stands with a Schoeps MK2 and a ribbon mic of my own design on each stand, and a pair of MK21s for the lurkers in the back row.

    @JanH I recorded the 2nd and 3rd movements....have to take a break from the big screen for a while :)