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NAB 2016
  • Still only 2015, but getting in early with my top prediction for cameras to be announced at NAB 2016: URSA Mini 2.5K MFT!

    Simply put it is the 2.5K sensor from the BMCC 2.5K put in the URSA Mini body, and using the MFT mount of course.

    Don't need to touch or change a thing, and if it sells for the same price as the URSA Mini 4K EF already does, then I'm sure the URSA Mini 4K 2.5K MFT will be a hit!!

    But yes, if they can make it be a little cheaper than US$3K (as after all the BMCC is cheaper than the BMPC4K, so I assume the sensor is cheaper), and give it 60fps like the BMMCC (and internal ND filters?? ha, now I really am dreaming!!), then that would be even better.