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What would your ideal video camera look like? Describe it here!
  • Well, I searched and searched and could not find a place where a manufacturer could go to see what the demand of the current market is... So why not help them out?!?

    This is a place to detail out exactly what you would like your ideal camera to do, be it your next camera, or the camera you want to have in your dreams, the one that would help you tell your stories the way you envision them... Go on, be creative!

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  • Ok, I'll kick it off... :)

    1. Swappable sensors – two FF sensors (one 4K for cinema, one 1080p for low light), two Super35 sensors, and a standard 1080p B4 mount 2/3” sensor for ENG lenses

    - A simple swap, 4 large bolts, one strong connector, no cables. - Plenty of DR :D

    1. Good lens mounts available/changeable for adaptability (EF, Nikon, M4/3, PL, E mount, etc.)

    2. Autofocus module to use AF lenses in run-and-gun scenarios and a non-AF module for lower cost

    3. Ability to swap the sensor quickly on-set
    4. External knobs for certain video settings, programmable (ISO, ND, frame rate, menu recall, etc.)

    5. Good external outputs (not micro HDMI, but mini or full size) (Future proofed 3G or 6G SDI)

    6. 10 bit internal recording or external output, 4.2.2. Internal subsampling (or 4.4.4.) or external output
    7. Many different codecs, ranging from H.264 compressed to DNxHD/R ProRes to RAW options

    8. Modular media bay, cheap options for compressed recording, optional fast ones for RAW recording

    9. Cheap internal media (UHS-ii card slot for fast read/write and future capacity or SSD for RAW)
    10. Excellent low-light capability through high ISO, low image noise

    11. Top-quality audio connections

    12. Excellent quality audio pre-amps
    13. Headphone jack
    14. External knobs for audio control

    (Looks like the Axiom camera!)

    Wow, big list! LOL... Come on, through some ideas on the table!

  • I really don't want a camera with a lose sensor, or one with fingerprints on it, or with a very slow readout because you can't pack that many connections into a connector.

    And why do you need 4 sensors? One good 4k sensor with different readout modes is all you need.

    I'm very happy with the Blackmagic cameras (for narative work).

    Oh, and you forgot that your dream camera costs less than $1000 :-P

  • Aha! Well, the reason is this: a 4K sensor will never be as good as the same sensor that has only 1080p resolution... The pixels are bigger on the lower resolution sensor, A7S style... Makes for lower noise... Higher frame rates...

    As for the sensor? Make a sensor block, pre-mounted sensor inside a separate heat sync... Who knows...! I agree, must be kept clean.

    Is it possible to use a PCI-e connection? They offer some intense speeds!

    Does Blackmagic offer any instant autofocus functions? Where you can punch in sharp then stop the AF, and continue to use manual focus?

  • Oh come on, no innovative people on here?

    What about listing out all the things you like about current cameras then combining them all into one dream rig?

    Canon C300 ergonomics

    Aja Cion color science

    Blackmagic 4.6K RAW sensor resolution

    Arri Alexa dynamic range

    GH4 Micro 4/3 mount adaptability

    Sony A7S sensor low light

    What would this camera look like?!?

  • There will always be a price constraint.... so the ideal camera for a person on a $1k budget is not the same as for a person on a $100k budget!!

    I did very recently blog my thoughts on what a possible "Samsung Cinema Camera" (based on the NX1) could be at the roughly $3k price range:

  • I personally really like the Sony FS-5. It's similar to what I've pictured as a good all-rounder. The electronic ND alone has been too long in coming. It's small, but not obnoxiously tiny. It has a smart grip. It has a S35 sensor, and a short flange focal distance so that a full frame look can be achieved via SpeedBooster. It has lots of physical controls to minimize menu digging.

    Things I would add:

    NX1 sensor, or at least better color science. I've never found Sony's image rendering to be particularly pleasing.

    RAW recording over USB to SSD with an SSD holder.

    ProRes flavors because they're awesome.

    Virtual camera control over Bluetooth to phone.

    Wireless monitor over Bluetooth to phone.

    A follow focus that connects to the camera and interfaces with the autofocus, and with the wireless control.

    Full anamorphic abilities, desqueeze any amount up to 2x, any ratio up to 3.55:1.

  • I already have mine - G...H...2...done.

  • Awesome points here!!! Hopefully a manufacturer finds this page...

  • Raw over usb... What about data throughput? Would Thunderbolt 3 be an alternative?

  • +1 @matt_gh2 the tools we have had starting with the GH1 are more than enough to tell a good story!

  • @matt_gh2 @CFreak

    No, really, as the time goes by with all new bells and whistles, your statement holds true. I recently lent my GH2 and gear to a desperate DP friend used to working with higher end shit when his rental failed day before the shooting, and he went crazy about it. He is now on the watch on the ads to get a GH2 :)

    To stay on the topic, I wish for a GH2 2015 reissue in pink - VK edition shipped with PTool and selected hacks. For free :)

  • All of your comments are valid for sure... That leads me to the next point...

    What tools are we missing that would help us tell better stories?

    3-axis-gimbal-quality image stabilization internally for easier run & gun shooting?

    Fire away...

  • Why do people want image stabilization, I will never understand. I have not chosen to use it one single time in ten years, with all kinds of productions, run and gun and everything, which I live of, not some backyard hobby or something. Image stabilization whether in the lens or in the camera body, in my experience is the king of the gimmicks, for video, it has some use in still photo, but..

    In 1k-2k$ range we need decent high bitrate robust codec, 1080p25/50/..., clean HDMI out, decent sized mic and headphones jacks, imagine 10 bit 422 internal rec, wow? That is so simple to achieve but we can rant forever, it will never happen. You'll get shitty 8k GHxx or whatever Dxx or xxD but not a decent HD in that price range, so we can collectively forget about it.

  • 10 bit 422? Try the Sony X70. Used they go cheap... Shame they are fixed-lensed without a M4/3 sensor... And no SLog2...

    I mentioned IS in that footage, depending on the application, always is easier on the eyes if the subject is not always darting all over the screen due to erratic camera movement... IS currently is a joke, 100% agree, (except for tele photos...) what I ask is for IS to move to Ronin levels of smoothness internally... Potentially impossible but why not ask for it!

  • Sony x70? I'd get a Sony Betacam over that anytime :)

  • Hahaha!!! I would think so! Just thought I would throw that out there! Lol...

    Pocket Cinema Camera? Shoots raw... 12 bit 444 equivalent, with added benefits of raw, is it not?

  • The image of the BMCC in a small handheld internally stabilised handycam body with a really good small shotgun integrated.

  • I guess it would be for me: -17/9 (2048*1080) video recording. -Capable of going to 200 frames at 2K resolution. -16 bit OpenEXR Raw material. -DnxHD + Prores (4:4:4 max sampling, 12 bit both) -Use universal SSD.

  • I wonder when camera manufacturers will start to use the M.2 PCI X4 interface for their storage.

    The new Samsung 950 Pro is one fast memory device... Still shy of RAM speeds, but getting there for sure! Cheap, fast, large storage size, small physical size, seems a no-brainer!

  • Already Got & found my Ideal Cinema Camera got (5D Mark III + Magic Lantern RAW Hack) & in the near future Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6k.

  • ...and can shoot kodak film...too

  • My ideal CamCorder would have large buttons with easy to use full controls on the body and in the menu.

    Very good LowLight AF with clean ISO to at least 8,000.

    3+ hour battery

    mini or SSD storage

    ProRes Codec

    At least 4k60P and 1080P120 with 3+ hours shooting time.

    Cost under $10k

  • NX1, Sony E mount, no rolling shutter, shoots to Cineform codec in 2K to SD cards.

  • g7 body and weight with biger resolution lcd,m43 lens mount,h265/cineform yuv/raw recording internal,hdmi out and wireless HD monitoring.price 800$