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Which social networking site lets you embed photos that work on Iphones
  • Long story short. Im using to host my photos I take with my GH2 and post it on my website. but it uses flash. Is there another social networking site that is iphone friendly? thx!!!! YEEE RBG
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  • Flickr has iphone app.
  • yes they do. But i would like people to be able to view the photos directly from the site
  • ?
  • Thx.
    The work around ive come up with is to redirect everyone to from my page instead of embedding the photos directly on my site. I guess since the embed code uses flash it causes it to be incompatible with phones. Which makes sense.
  • Or you can keep your embed code with the flash embed on your page plus add a little text link at the bottom for the Occupy flash people.