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Tascam DR-701D
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    800 x 447 - 35K
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  • Looks cool, I like the HDMI sync functionality. Hopefully it works with Panny cameras.

  • So I could take the HDMI (or BNC) out from an external video recorder/monitor and put into this so it could automatically start/stop recording?? If so that would be sweeeeeeeet!

    Edit: ouch! Just saw the price.... guess I'll keep on using my old Tascam DR-60D mk1 for a while longer!

  • Hope they fixed the pain in the ass issue in the DR-70D when using USB power, any time the USB cable got bumped loose (VERY EASY to do! The downfall of using Micro USB connection, not a good match for a boom op / location sound recordist) the recording would STOP!! What madness made them design it like that??????

  • Nice upgrade, if it only would have Sound Devices grade preamps + limiter...

  • @IronFilm:

    I have the the DR-70D and I just tested it with USB power. When USB power is disconnected, the recorder will switch to internal batteries automatically, the recording does not stop. The unit will ask you to confirm when it's switching to internal batteries and the timer in the back looks like it's stopped, but the recording is going in the background.

    I just saw the DR-701D and while it's quite nice, the features and improvements just aren't worth the $599 for me, especially since I got the DR-70D for just $200. Timecode and HDMI aren't features I need.

  • HDMI record triggering is reported to work with GH4, but not with GH3.

  • I'm not using an external recorder. Can this device be plugged in to enable HDMI triggering, but I can continue to record 4K video to the internal card?

  • Can this device be plugged in to enable HDMI triggering, but I can continue to record 4K video to the internal card?

    This is whole point. Not for owners of external recorders, but for people who record audio and do not like situations where you forgot to start recording.

  • @LiquidAlpinist Where did you get the 70D for $200?

  • @LiquidAlpinist hmmmm.... maybe it was a case of the DR-70D was using old old firmware (as I wasn't using my own gear on the shoot, I was filling in as soundie for them).

  • @DrDave sorry I lied! Just checked my receipt and it was $250. Got it back in April of 2015.

  • Still a good deal.

  • Does anyone know how many audio tracks it can embed into the HDMI signal? Do we end up with 8 audio tracks and can they be recorded with an Atomos Ninja Assasin/Shogun to have a clean 10bit 4:2:2 ProRes 422HQ recording with 10 synchronous audio tracks? Can the Tascam add a delay between the camera-audio and it's own (because the camera obviously has latency), so we don't end up with a recording where 6 tracks are not synchronous with the first 2.

  • Do not know why, but they made PR today, may be UK only

    23rd March 2016 – TASCAM, the brand synonymous with professional recording products, has released the flagship six-channel DR-701D audio recorder for DSLR cameras. Following the success of the DR-70D, the DR-701D includes excellent new features such as HDMI in and out, video clock to prevent misalignment of sound and picture and a cascade feature for additional track recording.

    The ideal portable audio system for video production, the DR-701D allows four mic inputs to be recorded and mixed to a stereo track for a total of six track recording. For users wanting additional track recording, a cascade feature enables multiple units to be connected using the HDMI in/out.

    Using the HDMI input and output, the video clock allows for the DR-701D’s internal clock to be synchronised with the camera, ensuring the sound and picture files will not drift out of sync. Simply pressing the record button on the camera sends a trigger to the DR-701D to begin audio recording, ensuring missed takes are a thing of the past and making single-operator shooting much easier. The built-in SMPTE timecode also stores time data in recorded audio files for ease of use.

    Featuring four XLR/TRS inputs supporting phantom power (+24V/+48V), in addition to HDMI in and out and 3.5mm stereo mini input, the DR-701D allows for a wide range of setups to cater for any environment or project. The High-quality HDDA (High Definition Discrete Architecture) Mic Preamps have increased in quality since the DR-70D and now boasts an equivalent input noise of -124 dBu or better. Each input has a limiter and a five-stage low-cut filter can be adjusted to cut undesirable low frequencies such as wind noise.

    Another advantage for filmmakers is the lightweight yet rugged magnesium alloy chassis, ensuring that the DR-701D will withstand everyday use whilst also being light and compact for practicality. The DR-701D’s versatility allows it to be set up in a manner of ways; attached between a tripod and camera, attached to the top of a camera using a shoe mount, or used simply as a standalone recorder by attaching a strap to the red handles for easy operation.

    Tracks can be recorded up to 24-bit/192kHz quality to SD, SDHC or SDXC card, with up to 128GB cards supported. In addition to operation using 4x AA batteries, the DR-701D supports power from a mobile battery via the mini-B USB port.

    The DR-701D is available in the UK now, priced at £499 inc. VAT.

  • Will the Video signal be passend through the HDMI in and out to an external recorder which then records all audio devices attached to the tascam? Also will there be no quality loss?

  • Hi all...I've not got a definite answer from anyone yet regards to 4K but from testing - it seems I can only output 1080p from my Panasonic GH4 to an external recorder (in the case an Atomos Ninja Flame). I have the camera set for 4K, but it needs to down convert to get a signal to the Atomos via the 701D.

    The upside is that the HDMI trigger from the camera > 701D > Ninja works a treat.

    Something else I've discovered if I'm trying to shoot 4K internally to the camera and fire the HDMI trigger for it and the 701D is that it has to be 4:2:0 8 bit - if it's in 4:2:2 10 bit it thinks it's going to a recorder but can't record internally.

    Great but not ideal as I tend to shoot a lot of longer form stuff in 4K and would be great to have the throughput to the recorder, plus I can use bigger drives (plus the Ninja is a better larger monitor) to cope with that - the GH4 has 64GB cards.

    That internal recording issue will change when the GH5 comes out with internal 4:2:2 10 bit recording :)

  • Review



    OPA1652 opamps used


    688 x 415 - 132K
    618 x 266 - 36K
  • Bought this thing few days ago to retire the -70D.

    Cool things that I like about it: Al/Mg Chassis, separate line out from camera out, cripsper display with 2 backlight modes, actually see the numerical value for the mic gain knobs (0 to 100), substantially better ADC

    Price is not that great, the menu architecture is a bit disturbing and pressing the record button while recording will no longer stop the session

  • VR Ambient Audio Recording Capabilities of this recorder

    v2.0 firmware that adds this can be got at