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Trying to flash camera w/apefos settings; getting general error
  • So I've been trying to download any of the settings by apefos to see if they reduce the "rain" artifact but cannot get ptools to recognize any of them. It works fine with most of the other settings I've downloaded (just did so for sanity), although there have been certain ones that it would not recognize previously. Is there something I'm missing? There are other people who have been able to download his patches, so I'm somewhat confused why this is happening. When I open the file in ptools it just gives me a generic "error" message; when I try to open the file in windows it says "the Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupt." Appreciate any help offered.

    P.S. I sent Apefos a message but am still waiting to hear from him, just thought I'd try all possible avenues to figure this out.

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