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Titan X 3DMark scores low?
  • I just received a Titan X. I ran 3Dmark 11 and only got 12000. Is that normal for my setup?[1]

    Here is my results with fire strike, sky diver, cloud gate, and Ice storm.

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  • How 3DMark score is related to something we talk about here? May be I get something wrong, but game reviews are very easy to find and see the marks.Анализигровойпроизводительности

  • I'm using it as my driver for cuda in Premiere and Resolve. I don't know where else to test the gpu performance other than 3dmark.

  • I don't know where else to test the gpu performance other than 3dmark.

    You can search for tests that do computational tests, not gaming. Look for long serious reviews, you usually will find results from them.

    I also not sure that except memory card has any gain other cheaper cards in video soft. But I can be wrong or outdated here.

  • More cores and more GPU ram do help in Resolve if GPU is enabled and functioning correctly.

  • @bannedindv yeah I've got 32gb of ram and a 5820k on a 850 evo. It confuses my why it's running slow.

  • Running Windows or MacOS? (Or linux!?)

    Could try rendering an Arriraw or .r3D clip in davinci and seeing your FPS... That should give a decent idea of system performance but less standardized than a traditional benchmark... 3Dmark may or may not test disk speed score which makes a huge difference in system performance.