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ultimately, which is the best lens turbo alternative to metabones?
  • Mitakon, RJ Lens Turbo, Roxsen... especially for micro four-thirds, which is the best??

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  • We already had this question asked multiple time, just check adapter topics they have all.

  • Excuse me Vitaliy, but from various topics that i read, i did not understand what is actually the best solution. I opened this topic on purpose to do some order. If i'm wrong, i apologize.

  • Metabones is best in absolutes (if you have unlimited money or can pay for it from work). RJ is usually better than Mitakon, all else on the market can use same standard metal adapter but source of optics can be any (as it allows to save on cost), so it is impossible to tell, can vary from time to time even.

  • Thanks a lot Vitaliy

  • Thanks for the concise answer to this question Vitaliy! I've wondered the same thing.

    My RJ lens turbo has worked well for me, so unless I would go to an "active" Metabones for current Canon lenses, I think the RJ does the job quite nicely for me.

  • The current RJ FD to M43 is not a snug fit, too thin flange, returning the one I just bought, apparently the EF to M43 is good fit.

  • Have to say that RJ was very helpful about it so if you have a problem no need to worry, also had a regular RJ adapter that was perfect and a genuine metabones speedbooster that was a bit loose so a bit the luck of the draw.

  • Anyone had any experience with the Kipon Baveyes for M4/3 yet?

    Apparently the 'Bav' in 'Baveyes' stands for Bavaria (Bayern), Germany; where the optics are said to be designed by IB/E OPTICS (not that that rings any bells over here, but further looking into it, it seems to be the same fellows involved with the crazy HandeVision IBELUX 40mm/0,85)...

    1697 x 2376 - 507K
  • Well, they can write anything, it is marketing (some companies have up to 8 different abbreviations in lens name). And all optics are now designed in special software, most of the time location does not matter much.

  • Haha, true that, maybe they were allowed to use their VPN server to 'design it in Germany'... IP based only. That's why I say 'apparently'. Could not find much about it...

    I know bringing uncle Ken into the equation is a dangerous thing to do... (mostly, because well, statements like: 'Use this if you want to use your existing ultra-ultra wides or other exotic lenses on your toy cameras, but seriously folks, if you want good results, just shoot your Nikon, Canon and LEICA lenses on a full-frame Nikon, Canon or LEICA cameras for superior results' are a bit controversial). But what I took away from it was 'The resulting optical quality is usually pretty bad'. But I'm not sure how familliar he is with using focal reducers.

    You'd think right now... given your post yesterday in the Mitakon topic... the Zhongyi / ZY Optics version II are the way to go? Availlable here next month you said? Know for which mounts they'll come out with?

  • I can only say that the second series of the Zhongyi is the best I've seen until now next to the Metabones.

    Metabones is still the best, but you pay quite a bit for a relatively small margin of perfection. But watch out if all of your lenses will fit, my Contax 18mm for example doesn't.

  • For Nikon G adapters, it's not just the optics, it's the aperture ring. To be reliable, these things have to make precise mechanical contact with the lens lever and IME Metabones is one of the best.

  • RJ seems to have the BAVEyes beat. Metabones still king. But resolving wise the RJ seems to cope pretty well but seems to worsen chromatic aberration/purple fringing behaviour the most. Too bad they didn't include the Zhongyi in the test. But people seem to really appreciate the latest version from Zhongyi, so I'm going to give that a go and skip the BAVEyes. I'll get myself an EOS to m4/3 for my Contax Zeiss f/2.8 primes and then add the K&F Concept C/Y to EOS adapter.

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