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Don't cry for your 5k dinocam (Post Scarlet world realities)
  • In this post scarlet world- where do the high level 5k+- cameras fit in?
    Who is now interested in purchasing a Sony- Canon for 5k+- if for 9k you get RED? (forget about the new Canon 15k that was comedy relief).

    Also - with GH2 being a prosumer camera (if not WTF is it really) what do Panny think will happen?
    Semipros will even move up to RED (which will only get cheaper) and if your not a pro- you would buy that Pink Panny.

    Point is - the mid range is endangered now with such high quality so close to the masses fingertips? (or am I totally nuts?)
    The GH2 is endangered (and GH3) if Panny don't get REAL and unlock the potential of that sensor.
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  • 9k? The Scarlet brain price is misleading as accessories and specially SSD's for a functional camera will bring your kit nearer to 20.000$ than to 10.000$, and that leaves most of the original Scarlet's original target audience left behind.
    I think that the cancellation of the Scarlet and the renaming of the Epic-S to cover the void makes the GH2 (as the best camera under 5000$) and the FS100 (the best under 12000$) even more relevant cameras.
  • Still an amazing value