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Price drop on Atomos HD recorders, Samurai Blade or Blackmagic Video Assist?
  • I used to think I'll obviously go for the BMD Video Assist for my Sony PMW-F3, but after this price drop it is trickier.... should I get a Atomos Samurai Blade instead for the same price?

    Samurai Blade Pros: Better features while shooting (such as waveforms) Tagging good/bad takes on set to make post easier (this works seamlessly with Adobe Premiere? Does anybody here have experience with this?) Better IPS screen Is available now (but I don't mind waiting a few weeks more for the BMD VA)

    Samurai Blade Cons vs BMD VA: No 1080 60p (bummer!) Lower resolution HD vs FHD screen (I think this is going to be less of an issue than I originally thought? As the Atomos screen is I suspect an otherwise better quality screen??) SSDs vs SD cards (well... this is arguably a pro, but I already have SD cards. I don't have any spare SSDs) No HDMI in/out (a non issue for my F3, could be a minor issue if I want to use it with other cameras as will need to use a convertor)

    As their new prices are now: Ninja 2 $295 Ninja Blade $495 Samurai Blade $495

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  • Ah, I did consider that, but this is kinda different to them as I'm asking about Samurai Blade vs Video Assist (and ideally specifically for the needs of an F3). Which doesn't neatly fit into any one those singular topics.