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German movie sets new IMDB score record for eternity!
  • Being a German myself, I just have to relay this awesome news to you: A contemporary German movie not only set an unprecedented IMDB score record, it did so by a wide margin, making it not unlikely to stay #1 on this

    IMDB list for eternity.

    Should I be embarassed that it leads the list of... well... the less appreciated manifestations of moving picture artwork? Not really. With its whopping "1.0" score it (a) correctly indicates the pathetic state of our local movie industry (which certainly does not fall short in terms of technology, given how many succesful international movies are produced here), and (b) it gives honest feed back to what results when a bunch of moronic "Youtube celebrities" collect money from their even more brain-dead followers to expose their lack of ideas, talent, determination, intelligence, and everything else that could make a movie interesting to watch in the cinemas.

    This work is so abysmal, it will hardly be beaten by anything intended to be a "trash movie", because to intentionally make a trash movie, you at least need some determination and knowledge about the movie business, something completely absent from this pile of crap.

    Ah and please, don't feed the makers egos by watching this. Knocking your forehead to a wall for 90 minutes would be more fun and less painful for sure!

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  • One thing I know - to make good movies you need real life and real problems (and know how to solve them). :-)

    So, Germany can get some success with manufacturing dramas or romantic comedies about retail sector :-)

  • @Vitaliy: Indeed, there was at least one good series about manufacturing/economy ("Der große Bellheim") and there were good movies on other topics Germans had a lot of real life experience with - like mass surveillance ("The Lives of Others") or engaging in ill-fated wars ("Das Boot", "Aguirre, the Wrath of God", "Downfall", ...).

    And one thing is for sure: Those who did "Kartoffelsalat" had no real life, and the only problem they ever had to take care of was deciding what clothing to wear when turning on their web camera.

    "Youtube celebrities" are a strange phenomenon. It seems they basically gain "clicks" and "likes" from those who feel relieved to be reassured by each new episode that they are just of average stupidity and thus "normal".

  • I just contributed a 1 score to it!!! congrats

  • There are too many film's that are striving to recreate the success of "The Room".

  • @karl

    There is a lot to be said for the value of some* Youtube channels