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New Sony FS series camera is coming, a "Sony FS1"?
  • Ohhhh..... looks like I could be right and there is a "Sony FS1" (as I've been calling it) coming along! I hope so. A good little B cam younger brother companion to the FS7.

    As Sony has confirmed something is coming:

    600 x 300 - 223K
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  • Sony's response to the URSA mini, I'm thinking. Likely features... (my guess)...

    They wouldn't want to cannibalize the FS7 too much so...

    • New Full-Frame/S35 sensor
    • High Sensitivity/Low-light (close to the A7s FF sensor)
    • 4K (UHD) XAVC-S internal 8bit 420 100Mb/s up to 30p
    • S-Log 2
    • 1080p MPEG2 8 bit 420 (but hoping for 10 bit 422)
    • 1080p/120fps slow motion internal continuous
    • Burst 240fps in 1080p resolution
    • No SDI / No Raw, HDMI only
    • Records on SDXC cards or SSD (not XQD)
    • Smaller body similar to FS7, but radically different from the FS100/700
    • XLR inputs
    • Rear viewfinder
    • Price: >$5K

    Essentially an A7s in a camcorder form factor.

  • It would be interesting to have an improved color science for this cam...LC709a LUT on FS7 straight of cam has very natural colors :)

  • Looks like it will be announced on or after the 16th:

  • says:

    S35, not FF. 4K internally, but 8 bit XAVC-L (note the L) 100 Mbit max. No HFR as far as I can tell, 30fps max in 4K. Looks like a baby FS7. Price will be between old FS700 and current FS7, likely $5,000-6,500 USD. Differentiation on FS7 is much better CODEC, higher frame rates (incl 60p 4K), option for RAW and ProRes, bigger build.

  • I think First Base got picked off by Sony Marketing.

    It is a dumbed down FS7 with S35 Sensor.

    I too was hoping for an A7s Sensor.

    But, that might cannibalize FS7 and A7sII sales.

    I would have ponied up extra $$$ for it.

    Maybe next year?

  • I bet they come out with something based on the rx10 mkii sensor...with fixed lens but based on the new design parameters of the fs series, not a handycam.