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Transition Designer Plugin for Mac
  • I use this forum very often and you helped me a lot. Some of you guys asked me if there will be a Mac-Version of our plug-in and now, here it is.

    The TRANSITION DESIGNER, the plug-in for professional transitions, is now a free-of-charge lean version in addition to the Full und Lite Version for Adobe Premiere Pro available with the following features for Mac and PC:

    High-quality wipe effect with a lot of adjustable parameters such as angle, transition easing (linear, easy in & out), feathered edge, blur and glow effect. Many of the parameters support keyframes and we also included the powerful time remapping function. All transitions are GPU accelerated for real-time playback!

    Get your free version here:

    394 x 224 - 24K
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  • Thanks @editor. The mac version says it runs on OS 10.9 and 10.10, so here's my realy stupid question, as someone who upgrades late, as to enjoy a stable OS/edit platform...

    Will it work on Mac OS 10.8.5? I am still enjoying it on 2 editing machines. Tx!

  • Hello and thanks for your question. It should work on 10.8.5 if you don't have a amd graphics card. Best regards, Wolfram

  • @editor No AMD cards for me, I have Nvidia cards in both machines. So you are saying it should work on my system: OS 10.8.5 & Premiere Pro CC 2014?

  • So I hope you enjoy it ;-)