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A7s mixed with RX100IV slog2 - a perfect combo?
  • Shot and mixed A7s with RX100IV with PP slog2. Graded and edited in PP with pretty deep saturation. Think it works very well and this combo suits me way better than having just a A7rII which I considered for a brief moment.

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  • Great @elkanah77. I have essentially the same combo (RX10 II instead of RX100 IV). Haven't tried to match them yet, but your test looks very good. Only, I always have the feeling that the sensor size difference is a bit visible, being the images coming from the smaller sensor a bit darker, gloomy. Do you agree, or maybe is it just a fixation of mine?

  • Thanks. I can certainly understand what you mean, but let me ask you this ( no offence): Do you have any particular shot in mind (except maybe some deep dof wide shots) where it is obvious it is the RX over the A7s?

  • It is not about your video in particular, it's a feeling I have after having seen lots of video made with the RXs. I am just wondering if it is real or just something I convinced myself of. I'm not a "full frame hooligan" since I'm coming from GH2/GH3 and currently using a BMPCC also, but I kinda noticed the increased richness coming from bigger sensors. For example, I'd say 00:28 RX, and 00:41 A7s (hope I'm wrong :) ). The image of the BMPCC, on the other hand, is really "rich" in my opinion, despite the smaller sensor. Maybe it's a matter of pixel density (the BMPCC only does fullHD, not 20 Mpixels). Or maybe it's the "color science" of Sony which to me tends to look a bit unnatural. Just speculating though :)

  • I too love the image from the BMPCC, i just never get the ergonomics of it. Not for me I guess. As for your two examples, both are the RX. I had to double-check myself. :-)