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504HD head with CT-740x legs
  • Hi. I got an issue with my improvised tripod setup. I decided to save on carbon fiber legs and ordered a CT-7402 from E-Image. I thought that because both the head (Manfrotto 504HD) and the tripod have 75mm bowls in their specs they should match each other. In reality I somehow can't use my Manfrotto head in any other position other than strictly vertical — the screw-on locker at the bottom doesn't want any angles or tilts. I don't know if anyone experienced the similar problem, but maybe you guys can help me to find a solution. The proper carbon fiber legs cost over 800 at BnH and I really like both the CT-7402 and 504HD (even though original reviews were rather critical). I'd appreciate any thoughts. Thank you.
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  • I have FC-04H heads on both CT-7402 and original cheap alu legs.
    Both allow adjustments without hassle, but CT-7402 angles range is smaller.

    You need to look at the problem in more detail.
    Check what could prevent proper adjustments. It can be either head bottom locker or something else.
  • I think I've tried every possible way to assemble it. It just doesn't want to work with Manfrotto. When I tie it up the whole head just moves into vertical position. Could it be because it is called "half bowl" (not sure what it means though). I contacted e-image and asked their engineers for help. Maybe I should order the original E-image bottom locker? It looks different if compared to Manfrotto's. I wish I am just stupid and there is a simple solution that I don't see.
  • Yep, you could try E-Image bottom locker.
    You can also try larger 100/75mm bowl carbon tripod legs.
  • I don't know what's their return policy. But yes.
  • hope it may help make things clearer.
    4000 x 3000 - 5M
    4000 x 3000 - 4M
    4000 x 3000 - 4M
  • manfrotto replied: Manfrotto has long been one of the market leaders in professional photo, video and lighting supports. Our heads fit other manufacturer's products such as Sachtler, O'Connor and Vinten. Unfortunately, we've not had any prior experience with E-Image as a tripod manufacturer. In theory, a 75mm ball should fit in a 75mm bowl, but there must be some difference in the manufacturing tolerances that we can not be aware of sight unseen.

    Regrettably, there's not much we can offer in terms of trouble shooting. We offer competitive products at matching price points, so if the tripod does not properly fit the head as advertised, we'd recommend returning it for one that does.
  • >Sachtler, O'Connor and Vinten

    Not a surprise as it is one company, in fact :-)

    >We've not had any prior experience with E-Image as a tripod manufacturer.

    Yep, did not noticed company that produce much more tripods than Manfrotto, Sachtler, O'Connor and Vinten :-) combined.
  • The final verdict: "Our engineer make a test ues manfrotto head and our E-IMAGE tripod.1:manfrotto locking element is long 2:head bottom is rather big.3:bowl deep is short"
  • So the guys from E-Image turned out to be very responsive. After discovering that my new 75mm carbon fiber tripod (CT7402) doesn't exactly match my manfrotto 75mm bowl head we spent quite a time online figuring out how to fix it. And it turned out the reason was manfrotto's bottom locker which didn't get along with the somewhat triangular bowl layout of the CT. Here's the solution that I got from China - a semi-sphere attachment that sits on top of the original locker. I'm pretty happy with it because now I can level my Mfrtto head again easily and still keep in mind that I saved a ton of money with this deal. Again the legs are amazing.
    4000 x 3000 - 5M
  • How much do those legs cost? Are they nice? I need something better than my lousy Libec legs. If you breathe on them they vibrate.
  • @brianluce
    You can look at Weifeng tripods topic.
    We do not sell them separately (doe to very low stock now), as I remember US dealers ask about $500.