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Sony A7s alternatives for low light?
  • We run a little production company and are looking to buy some new camera gear. We currently shoot a lot in nightclubs and difficult light situations. We use our camera's in a multi camera enviroment: using the hdmi out, convert it to hd-sdi and run them to a video mixer.

    We planned to buy 4 x A7s, with lenses and accecoires this summer, but ran a little out of money. 12 - 14 K is a little unrealistic to spend right now. Still we really need some camera's that will do extremely well in low light. Something we can crank up high in ISO and still will look clean.

    The A7s is absolutely the best in low light, but maybeye we might settle for a little less low light and spend a lot less money.

    That's why I'm now looking for an alternative: a camera that is lots cheaper then A7s, has a wide angle lens or can fit one, is able to run on AC power for a long time (10-12 hours) and has a clean and very high ISO. Something that will allow us to make shots in a very dark club, that are still clear and sharp and noise free.

    I already saw a lot of cheaper cams that have high ISO available, but there's so many new models coming out nowadays, that it's a little difficult to get a clear overview and compare them all.

    Anyone who knows a decent compact, at a decent price for me?

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  • The best value is the A5100. Look for a deal where you can get one for 250$ The next best one is the A6000. The Sony sensor is the best ATM for low light - don't even look elsewhere.

  • Since what ISO beginning the noise in the A5100 and A6000?

  • Seaching an alternative, Im seeing now the 6D look like good for low light, Here some comparatives with the A7S, logically, the A7S is the great winner, but the 6D give a respectable performance.

    I hope the A7000 give a good performance with low light.

  • Sony A5100 seems like the best super cheap alternative :) Never even knew there was a camera so cheap with uncompressed hdmi and a high ISO.

    6D looks like it's a little expensive, but it's super clean on the realistic ISO values we would use in clubs anyway.

    Next job: watch a shitload of youtube video's and decide what to buy :)

  • Some Low light test with A5100

  • 6D = moiree