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how much to release for free
  • I have always had a targeted clientele. I know who's going to buy it and I make an edited copy for them. I film a lot of protests, rallies, political meetings, etc and am thinking of a new approach for public events I'm not contracted to do. What I have in mind is doing a short...maybe 3 minutes. That goes to the group to use and making the full audio available on my site. At the same time having a full dvd, some 3 hours long of what happened that day for sale. Any ideas or opinions?.

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  • Why not watermark the 3 minute version, or anything you release for free?

  • will the full Video hold some badly desired info for your clientele? People quickly are loosing interest in things from the near past. The short internet friendly trailer you are using as a teaser might be of higher money making value than the entire "bla bla".

  • @Alex the target customers I look at are always special interest groups. They tend to stay interested longer and I've found they'll part with money when no one else will. How could the teaser make money if you don't mind me asking.?

  • When we propose new ideas we do market research with potential customers to guage the amount of interest in the service. Put a short 10 question survey together and get feedback from potential clients.

  • @caveport that's just one hell of a good sugguestion. I'm going to put together a 30 second teaser along with a question survey...working on the teaser now. Thanks!!!!