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Selling: 2x EVGA 980 SC, 1x 980 Reference, 1x Zotac Extreme Amp! 970
  • I've got 2 EVGA 980 SC that are sealed BNIB - $490 each

    1 Nvidia 980 Reference that is BNIB. The box isn't sealed but the card is. - $480

    And 1 ZOTAC EXTREME AMP! Edition of the 970, which has had limited use in my computer and in fantastic condition. This is the first gen edition with the backplate and the 3 panel things, so they are rare to find for so cheap. It runs almost as fast as the 980's for half the price - $320.

    Free shipping if you buy more than 1 item. Conus and Paypal only. Local pickup in Los Angeles will not have any paypal fees or whatever and I'm available all weekend.,PxlJZ5x,9qQqmJo,HK545S0,dW1wDmP