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Suicide squad
  • Some subliminal now warner bros is telling americans....hey, it's ok to employee terrorist criminals as long as they're on our side....kinda of like what we did with isis !

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  • Please post in proper category and start title with capital letter next time.

  • If you're gonna draw that analogy, @kurth, it's not like ISIS was the first example...

  • Relax, stupid movie for stupid people . Certainly I watch that shit .

  • @vitaliy ...I believe I posted in the news category. Which would you choose ? And capitals....grade school is it ?

    @Gamer_s ....of course, but isis is the new psychopath on the block.

    @Mihuel ....stupid....maybe not, if half of the population watches their subliminal programming.

  • @kurth, yes this is grade school. you might like Starry Eyes, about how an aspiring actress is trying to get a part, but only if she agrees to sell her soul and propagate Hollywood's shadowy elite's dark agenda. great conspiracy stuff.

  • @babypanda...the grade school comment was meant for V about using capital letters...and I don't actually waste my time watching junk films. They're too many great films to waste 2 hours on. @Mihuel....funny ! Maybe it's time for a remake !

  • @kurth Hollywood is just mirroring reality at this point. The Suicide Squad long-play story arc can actually be interpreted as a subliminal warning about the hubris of govts which function immorally and with impunity.

    We've already reached a moral tipping point in this country and that's exactly why a group like ISIS exists today... TPTB are not held to account for anything. The big banks and corporations are now working in collusion with govt officials and nutjob social engineers to foment racial, sexual, gender, political, religious, national and intra-national discord everywhere as part of a divide and conquer approach. Greece is just a preview of what every nation has coming.

    People need to wake up and start cleaning house soon or things are going to get much worse than even a Hollywood fantasy can portray.