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Matching GH2 / GH3 to 7D
  • I have friend shooting a short film. We have being using a 7D. We will not have the 7D for today's shoot and the remainder of the film. I have a GH2, hacked and a GH3 and I am trying to find out which of the two cameras will closely match the 7D footage. We're both at work right now and don't have enough time to test for tonight's shoot. Anybody worked with both those cameras and 7D that can chime in? Thanks

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  • My guess is the GH3 but a lot depends on the profiles and lenses.

  • Hey. I used to match a GH3 and 7D no problem. Here is an old video that I shot with the combo. During the interview portion the wide angle is GH3, and closeup is 7D.

  • @aaronchicago thanks. But he didn't wanted to risk it so he rented a 7D. Your stuff looks good though. It seems like they cut very well together.