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Foam Glue for Camera Cases
  • I have some cases of various sizes in need of repair--many of these have the "pinch and pluck" foam squares. After a time, the foam falls apart. Has anyone attempted to repair the foam? If so, I would be interested in what type of glue you used and what the long term results were. Camera cases are usually not recyclable, so I would like to repair the cases I have rather than replace them. I imagine that my waterproof cases would probably last for a thousand years in a landfill.

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  • For the only time I ever had to glue foam together I used spray adhesive from the auto parts store.. worked decent for what it was (interior car roof liner)

  • I do understand what you want. Personally I gave up long ago and invested in an electric carving knife.

    I purchase high density foam sheets in various thicknesses. I trace around each component, then carve out its hole in one or more sheets.

    An ideal Pelican case of components is made up of a sandwich of two to four layers of foam, glued together or not, with contact cement.

  • I think they sell replacement foam inserts for Pelican cases and maybe for other brands too. Try B&H - they probably have it. Or you can go to the case manufacturer's website.

  • @goanna haha I will try that! I have a cheapo electric carving knife somewhere. @matt_gh2 the replacement foam is often quite pricey but I will look around.



    Instead of pluck foam, which tends to disintegrate with age. I've been using polyurethane foam, the type used for plumbing or poolside water sports. The same stuff used for pool noodles and garden kneeling pads. Walmart and ToysRus had long flat panels about 6" wide by 6 ft. in the toy section.

    Another type of foam is EVA foam, used for floor mats and interlocking tiles. It's durable, easy to line camera cases and create dividers to protect lenses and cameras.

    EVA foam.jpg
    500 x 371 - 34K
  • B&H sells the foam replacement for a Pelican 1510 Roller case carry on size for about 31$ per case...called could use a Foam feather spray adhesive made by 3m...foam fast74...its called...have to do a lot of masking...very effective though...carving knife and solid foam sounds like a good option, if not better option!

  • You can also use Plasti-Dip in a spray can to give the foam a rubberized coating that will help keep it from separating.

  • Plasti-Dip? How interesting. To keep the foam from shredding.

    @jleo the interlocking tiles looks interesting

  • I'm not sure I want to admit this....but I buy large sheets of heavy foam mattress padding, the egg crate type, for about 20.00. I use two layers. One solid for the bottom and one I've cut out for the device.

  • @peternap I think I have one rolled up in the garage....but I still need glue...

  • i think that egg-crate type foam will dry rot - the pelican-case pluck foam doesn't seem to, so it's worth the $$ for safety imho