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World Migration - Never Before Have So Many People Wanted to be Somewhere Else
  • new data, released by the United Nations, shows how the number of international migrants has increased by nearly 80 million over the last 25 years.

    In 1995, there were more than 154 million migrants who left their home country and moved to another for various reasons. In comparison, that number had risen to 231 million globally by 2013, according to the international migrant stock trends data. from The Daily Mail

    (Click on picture for interactive map)


    The top worldwide destinations for international migrants were the U.S., Russia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, UK and France, according to the data.

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  • It is just bleak beginning :-)

  • i have never been to dubai, but i read that the expats outnumber the locals there. by a lot. like maybe 70% expats or something.

  • Who the hell wants to live there but people who are being paid a big tax free income. Money explains almost all migration.

  • Money explains almost all migration.

    Food and shelter explains almost all migration. For 90% of such people money is just way to get it.

  • Most of those expats in Dubai are poor migrant workers who have to slave for rich locals.

  • One of many things I've noticed on news reports of the current extraordinary migration to Europe is that most seem to be young men - and seemingly fewer women. I fear the elderly will be left in war zones - whilst some of the current young men will seek to regroup their families once settled safely.

    The absence of enquiry on the part of journalists is, as usual these days, lamentable. Even the absence of statistics regarding these people is something which should be reported.

  • Here's a little of what I know about dubai and saudi migrants from developing countries.

    1. most are are on 2 year contracts. After two years they leave. So they're really temporary migrants.
    2. Typical salary is around $400-500 USD/month for marginally skilled workers, with free room and board. Very long hours.
    3. it's a dreary life. It's much better to be born rich.