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Feiyu G4 Gimbal user review request
  • Hi Guys,

    I would really love to know any user experiences regarding the Feiyu G4 for GoPro.

    I am interested in:

    • Usability
    • Battery Life
    • Responsiveness
    • Ability to change angle
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  • I had the G3 and now have the G4. If you don't have an LCD, then the G3 is good enough. Strangely, my G4 has a bit of jitter while my G3 did not. I suspect it's the additional LCD weight. You can easily change the angle via push button. Once you set the angle you want, you can lock it in via push button again. It comes with 4 batteries and I haven't needed to use more than 2 yet. But I haven't filmed continuously over 1 hour yet.

  • Thanks @SuperSet!

    I was looking at the G4 and really liked what I was seeing- maybe I will go with the G3.

    G3 has exposed cables though. :-(

    I won't be using the internal LCD- (GoPro 4 Black) Most probably iPad or something like that.

    How much stabalisation did you think that it gave you?

    MadMax stabalisation worthy?

  • @alcomposer There's quite a few Feiyu Tech G4 videos on YT so it definitely helps. Sometimes, I supplement with Premiere Warp Stabilizer since I'm getting some jitter on my G4.

  • Thanks @SuperSet.

    Anyone know if you can use the G3 in low mode?

  • I've had the G3 over an hour plenty of times it's fine gopro runs out well before :) Not sure what you mean by low mode I have it mounted horizontally demo here, on the horse it really works it as you have large movement in all axis all the time.

    looks best at hd in 60fps If you just to about 2 mins in you can see me giving it a proper work out there's no post stabilisation at all @2.55 ish is the only time it doesn't keep up but the horse was bucking hard at speed so was a bit of an ask :)

    I think it's a good bit of kit