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Cheap 4k H264 HDMI recorder
  • It seems like what a lot of us need to solve the various junk-firmware issues from camera makers is a small, inexpensive device that will record HDMI externally up to 4K and compress it on the fly in H264, H265, cineform, prowhatever, to regular, cheap SDXC cards. Possibly, it could have open source firmware for the compression so users could mod it.

    Such a device would for example convert a Nikon cam with no internal 4K to a mean, lean, video machine. I'm posting this to see if there is interest in such a device, and maybe we can find someone to fab it or maybe some of us can make a Kickstarter project to produce it. I realize that HDMI has its problems.

    Also, if there is a cheap option out there that does on the fly compression it would be interesting to see if the manufacturer would make a special edition, if there is enough interest.

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  • What are you thinking of as "inexpensive?" The PIX-E5H ships sometimes this Summer or in early Fall and should be $1200 - and it works as a nice 5" monitor as well as a recorder!

  • ~$150 Also, the pix-e5h does not do h264/h265, and it isn't open source, etc.

  • @DrDave

    At first make real calc with real engineers.
    Add to this that it is very niche product with very limited life on the market.

  • Real-time 4K compression to H.26x/HEVC for $150? Good luck. I haven't even seen any 4K USB3 capture devices like the Inogeni for much less than about $400.

  • Isn't the Shogun available for USD 1,600 now (bare bones)? For 4K recording and a 7" monitor with a lot of tools, that seems pretty good. My guess is that the Shogun would live through the next 2-3 generations of 4K cameras.

  • No h264 compression and expensive....

  • Cinemartin Next 4k recorder is a very open system but is not cheap.