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GH2 hack good for 60fps
  • So, I previously had the flowmotion 2.02 hack and tried to shoot at 720p 60fps with a 64GB 80mb/s sd card, but the write speed wasnt fast enough and recording would stop after 5 seconds. Now I switched to the sanity X patch and my cameras keeps crashing everything time I try to shoot at 60fps 720p on the same card. Any suggestions on a good and stable hack for 60fps 720p ???

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  • Get a new card. If it crashes with Sanity it isn't hitting on much.

  • @peternap it only crashes when I shoot 60fps 720, I'll try to shoot something, then a sign saying "writing speed limitation isn't enough" and the camera will freeze and I have to take out the battery to shut it down

  • Maybe try a low-level format in your computer, before formatting in-camera and shooting.

  • @aldolega I don't know how. I just learned how To hack my camera on ptools yesterday


    The tool will take a long time to format the card properly.

  • What make card are you using and I agree with manicd, a low level format may help. If not see if you can borrow a card to try. I've run some real dogs with Sanity and 720 60 is usually what I shoot in.

  • @Enzo101

    Seriously, try a different card. We've been through this so many times over the years. One thing we've learned is that ALL cards can fail. It doesn't matter how expensive they are or what speed they're rated at, or what brand they are. They can all fail (and do). Even new ones. As for Sanity, 720 60P is rock solid and works fine with old Class 10 SD cards. Super speed cards are not required.

  • @Enzo101

    please try:

    download the file called:

    load seta to camera and try, after try it, if you want more datarate try sete.

    for more information about it read first post:

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