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MTS file converter for mac!
  • I'm searching a free mts file converter for free! wich one you use and why. Need to log the files into Finalcut pro 5.0.4!
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  • I use 5DtoRGB which transcodes AVCHD files from Canon and Panasonic HDSLRs (most I believe). It's free to download, was originally written for mac, and transcodes to prores at a high quality (I find it to be slightly better at replicating small details then when footage is transcoded using Final Cut itself). The file size of ProRes is quite large but is "visually lossless", if you try to convert the footage to a more lossy codec you're going to start losing a lot of information, hence the name.

    With Final Cut 6, 7 and 10 you can also transcode GH2 footage straight into Final Cut with log and transfer. I don't know if FCP 5 is any different.
  • @chef You can check out 5DtoRGB. Free version doesn't have batch conversions of course. Supports DPX and ProRes conversions at numerous frame rates.
  • it only works with 64 bit...I have an old powerbook g4...Iknow it sucks....What am I be able to use instead?
  • @chef

    I suggest to get some refurbished note for cheap.
  • There is a batch script somewhere that lets you run multiple instances at once if you have a multicore machine.
  • mhm....very helpful.....
  • But the batch script only reads "MOV" files.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    I got this PowerBook G4 from a friend that doesnt use it anymore! no ca$h to get a refurb at the moment....
  • I modified the batch script to open .MOV, .mov or .MTS. was not too hard. Just change the line
    if fname[-4:] == '.MOV': FILES_LIST.append('%s%s' % (input_path, fname))
    if fname[-4:] == '.mov' or fname[-4:] == '.MOV' or fname[-4:] == '.MTS': FILES_LIST.append('%s%s' % (input_path, fname))

    Modified version attached.
  • Get Panasonic AVCAM importer. Makes you able to not only play MTS files natively in Quicktime... You can edit them in Final Cut!
  • @Gabel thx but this is a plugin for FCP 7 I have FCP 5.0.4.
  • A program called CLIPWRAP has worked well for me.
  • @Chrispy
    Yeah I've used it !!!but runs only 64bit I have a Powerbook G4!
  • ClipWrap cost money and it doesn't work for @chef because he's running on a 32-bit machine...
  • @Macalincag
    I'm still struggling to get this mts converter .... I will throw this G4 so crazy...
  • Have you tried re-wrap avchd?...Copy your files before you use it to be safe...I had little luck with it myself but maybe in your case it will work. FCP should let you import the re-wrapped files . There should be no major quality loss. Just get the Perian QT plug-in its free too. And its great to have on its own right.

  • @chef are you trying to re-wrap or transcode?

    Since ClipWrap and rewrap AVCHD is not working you can try "Remux". Re-wrap to MKV, M4V, MP4, AVI...
  • @Macalincag

    re-wrap rigth now dowloaded.
    can u link me transcode plz thx!
  • re-wrap dont work........
  • @Macalincag

    the remux link appear to be broken as soon as I clik the donwload....
  • Re-wrap REQUIRES Perian to work.
  • Yes Perian is useful for many things it's kind of a must...
  • @Macalincag ...agreed.. Its been one of my favorite Mac discoveries for a long time.