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Leica DG 15 mm F1.7 vs SLR Magic Hyper Prime 12 mm F1.6
  • Which lense give more sharpness and color accuracy? Lense shall be used on the GH4 for video modes FHD and 4K.

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  • Go to two existing topics here, check images, test results and make conclusion.

  • Sry, can't find that sites.

  • Any User experience?!

  • I think the Slr magic is not as sharp as it isnt software corrected like the Leica, but it has more 'character'.

  • ^^ Two very different lenses whose use will depend on what it is you want to achieve. BTW, use the side bars on the right to enter specific topics where all your answers await. Google is another option.

  • Main purpose is to shoot on gimbal ronin-m. Video only.What you think?