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I want fast m43 zoom
  • More and more I want fast m43 zoom. Crispy sharp, silent fast continuous AF, OIS, no adapter. 2.5-3.3 or 2.8-3.5... fine fine. I will set it at 3.3 or 3.5 and use it like constant aperture.

    Just make it. I will buy it.
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  • Only m43 lens I want is one with mechanical focus, improved OIS, and F2.0 :-)
    I think that if enough people will pray for this in their local church it'll happen.
  • According to the rumour sites its coming soon.
  • @kainekainekaine

    If you ask me about rumors - most of them are false.

    As for big prices for good lenses - they just produce them in small amounts and get extreme profits.
    Best strategy for smart company is to make F2.8 kit equivalent to 24-105mm with stabilizer.
    And double kit with 80-200mm F2.5 equivalent.
    But marketing geniuses who drive companies use devide and conquer strategies - sell them cheap double kits (they are very popular lately in many countries) and wait for some of them to buy better lenses (Panasonic really do not have any clear upgrade path here still).
  • 2.0 m43 lens?

    I guess Panny isn't ready to produce continuous-fast-silent (CFS) AF zoom at 2.0 around $1500. We are talking about big glass elements and more powerful and smarter linear motor. Prolly more body processing power to process images w/ lots of blurs at 2.0. GH3, GH4, GH5???

    I'd be happy w/ 2.5-3.3 m43 zoom. Good sharpness at 3.3 throughout focal range. 12-50 would be perfect for run-n-gun.
  • Bottomline... wait... wait... more wait...

    Until then, primes... primes... more primes.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    43rumors seem to get things right in the end. T
  • >43rumors seem to get things right in the end. They have been pushing the 12-50mm rumor for sometime

    To understand why this is as you see it, you need to understand how PR and marketing departments work.
    And how distribution work.
    As this is real location of real data on such sites - distribution (who frequently have many details ahead to plan their behaviour) or review sites personell or controlled leaks.