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Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K, $1295
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  • My dream camera. I have been waiting for this for a very long, long time.

  • Just .75" too wide for VR. Unfortunate

  • I wonder how many $$ it takes to get a functional set?

  • Wow, this is cool.

  • When and how can I preorder this?

  • No internal recording...

    So you'd have to pair it with a Shogun or 7Q+

  • And no DR mentioned. Apparently the sensor is little larger than S16. Micro cinema for me.

  • @Sage cvp in the uk states:
    "Super 16mm Sensor, Wide dynamic range and global shutter! The Super 16 sensor is full 1080 HD resolution and has an incredible 13 stops of dynamic range and global shutter up to 30 frames per second"

    Worth noting the spec sheet above is the incorrect one (sensor size etc) from 43 rumors, specs below from BM:

  • From the official BlackMagic email: Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K

    With such a small Micro Cinema Camera design, we quickly realized that if we removed the built in recorder and digital film sensor cooling and replaced with SDI connections and a 4K video image sensor, we could build a really small studio camera for live production!

    The Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K looks the same as the new Micro Cinema Camera but it’s really a completely different camera because its a broadcast quality Ultra HD studio camera!

    Although you can use it with an external recorder as a production camera, it’s really designed to be used in live production with a live production switcher. It has an Ultra HD sensor so it works in native Ultra HD and of course with a sensor at that high resolution, it makes an incredible HD camera also!

    Because it’s a live camera, it’s features are almost identical to our Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K. It has SDI in and out, a built in color corrector and all the control to the camera can be sent via the SDI input so it uses the same SDI control protocol as our studio cameras and ATEM switchers. It uses 6G-SDI, so supports all Ultra HD frame rates up to 30 fps, but it does 1080 HD frame rates up to 60 fps using the full sensor size.

    It includes an expansion connector, but it’s also different. This camera has a PTZ serial connection out and this can be used for controlling a remote head. Any pan, tilt and zoom commands sent to the camera via SDI from the switcher will be output on this PTZ connection and if you have a zoomable MFT lens, it will adjust the zoom on the lens as well.

    Also on the expansion connector is a B4 lens control connection so we can control broadcast lenses. We have been asked for this a lot by high end broadcasters and now with this camera and the B4 lens connection you can use add accessories to turn this camera into a fully featured studio camera. Imagine using it as a full sized studio camera with external monitor and broadcast lens. Or using it on set concealed so you can get all kinds of exciting and interesting camera angles!

    The Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K will be available in July for $1,295.

  • Hmm not a lot of test footage out on the webs...

  • @dlzn probably because it is not at all a popular camera with filmmakers vs a BMMCC or even a BMPCC/BMCC

  • Just BM delays become bigger and bigger. :-)

    Plus they are now covering niches.

  • So once again I'm one of the few people who is really excited about this cam then... @IronFilm

  • Apparently... What type of niches? @Vitaliy_Kiselev

  • @dlzn

    Read their camera names and camera pages all is in bold big letters.

  • In that test dont I look anything special.

  • @dlzn , why are you excited??? It is of next to no interest to filmmakers, only mainly of use if you do that kind of studio work (or similar). Got an ATEM as well to go with it? If not, I'd suggest passing on this.

  • Because for me it is an upgrade, from where I'm at now to where I want to go. And considering that it fits within my budget, I would like to see how I can put this to use. @IronFilm

  • @dlzn, but you've got no internal recording, no raw, no film log, shitty dynamic range, and worse..... why on earth would you want one of the studio cameras??? When there are so many other better options :)