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Less Gear = More Creativity - Just do Something... and do not care if it frets...
  • People in video/audio production are common known for GAS (gear addiction syndrome) . The videos below has the cure for you ... do not feel humiliated , feel with a new open world for you, a simpler world ... more productive ... more challenging ... (pay attention to the simple and great cinematography also!!! "whatch this!!!..."

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  • this is much better cinematography: some kind of cinema noir, bohemia rapsodia, sin city, hitchcock...

    what a great dynamic range!!!

  • I definitely have G.A.S. - I have a really nice set of synths now but I keep wanting more more more.. fortunately much of today's hardware (and software) is very cheap if you know what you're looking for.

  • For some reason I thought apefos was retiring... quitting... leaving....

    Or was that just a passive-aggresive play at getting people to feel sorry for you? "I'm leaving now. Nobody try to stop me. I'm going home. Cuz nobody recognizes how awesome I am."

  • wow, lol

  • Now, lest anyone think I'm just being a hater, here. I've actually done the minimalist approach, and am not afraid to post examples. Proved it. Walked the walk.

    Shot with a Cowboy Studios (piece of shit) handheld rig

    No cage, no matte box, Garage sale Nikon lenses, and panasonic pancake lens, 2 lights MAX, sometimes NO lights, and nothing else except my talent.... And nominated for "Rock Video of the Year"

    with description of the approach.

    Step up or shut up, son.

  • @Shian It seems that apefos will never reach The End of his quest for perfection. His 'final' The End GH2 patches have been revised every few days ever since he 'retired'. I also can't even begin to describe the amazing home video clips using 'Filmvision Pro' grading algorithm that Producer posts. The worst looking shite I have come across. Kudos to you for calling a spade a spade.

  • speechless.. better go back to the cave where my poor life belongs.

  • So much agression I can't understand it.

    Talent meets ego. Ego meets need. Need meets forum.

    Deep shit shian. Your emotion run over every now and then.

  • Nominated by a, relatively, small time magazine. LOL.

  • @apefos Nice principle. Have you seen Festen (The Celebration)? My all time fave film with fuck all high end gear, all about the acting, the script and the way they use what gear they have.

  • @endotoxic Many, many people have a passion for photography and videography. It's an alluring artform that attracts a lot of us, but not everyone who picks up a camera is talented. Statistically speaking a very small percentage of people have any talent for it at all. As a result the talent pool is becoming increasingly diluted by untalented individuals trying to pass themselves off as someone whom we must give our attentions to. Why? Because they poured so much of themselves and their time into it. Not because it's any good. Yet, many who are compelled to create possess the the ability to assess the true quality of their efforts and continue to create and explore and learn because it makes them happy. I applaud them and encourage them becuase the quest to make better images is never ending and it's fun.

    I don't see them posting self-aggrandizing "I'm retiring cuz no one recognizes my genius" posts and then hang around to see if anyone will love them now that they've made sure everyone is aware that their feelings have been hurt, and that their talent and hard work have not been duly recognized.

    I didn't wake up yesterday and go looking for a fight. But this asshole is part of the problem. I've known dipshits like him my whole life. And they need to be called out. Apefos doesn't know he sucks. A good friend of mine is fond of saying, "If you thought of your self as intelligent, but really weren't, how would you know?" Stupid people don't know they're stupid, and stupid untalented people don't know they're untalented.

    Intelligent untalented people know they're untalented - I for instance love the art of drawing. I'm passionate about it. Can't draw for shit. As much as I would love to be great at it. I suck, and I know it. So you don't find me posting my artwork online, demanding that my "art" be taken seriously, and then getting upset that no one recognizes how hard I've worked at learning to draw. Why? Cuz I'm smart enough to know it sucks. I have ZERO talent for it.

  • Unnecessary post followed by unnecessary agressive reply. And, although I liked many of the stuff you shared over here, Shian, sorry, the videoclip really screams cheap and naive.

  • Calm down here.


    Especially it concerns you.

    No attacks here.

  • I have no problem when someone wants to say what ever and can backup what they say with what they can do or show for it. Time and time agin Shian have proven that.

    I don't know apefos that much but what I have seen on here seems like he don't finish what he starts. I even helped financially (though not much) on one of his such projects.

  • well, Shian just lost my sympathy...

  • Wow, @shian. Is it a superiority complex, or is it your insecurity that drives you to say such things about someone else?

    I dont find anything extremely creative about the guitarist in the video in the first post, but i see the point. He seems to think he's a bit more amazing than he is, but hey he's using what he's got.

  • Shian doesn't need your sympathy... Apefos does.

    It's kinda funny. I'm not in the upper echelon of my field in Cinematography... not yet anyway. But I rub shoulders with some of those guys, and some of them peep in here now and then, and they all tell me pretty much the same thing. (Well, some of them tell me I'm a fucking ass, but we all knew that, right?) but the others offer gratitude mixed with incredulity. "You say what we're all thinking, but can't say cuz of how it will look. But thanks for saying it." Cuz clearly I really don't give a fuck. Like me, hate me. Fuck it. It's all just entertainment to me. But don't try to pass yourself off as an artist when you don't have any talent. It's insulting to actual artists.

  • Shian doesn't need your sympathy... Apefos does.

    If you ask me, it is you who need sympathy, and not him. And it has nothing to do with any videos here.

    Cuz clearly I really don't give a fuck. Like me, hate me. Fuck it. It's all just entertainment to me. But don't try to pass yourself off as an artist when you don't have any talent. It's insulting to actual artists.

    Well, if you publically attack someone, stating that he has no talent (born second sort? and you are first one?) you deserve pity. Something is not right in your own life. @apefos is quite interesting member with many of his own quirks, his videos can be good or bad or anything. But I will never allow on PV to just go and start attack with curses, just because you feel like you can do it.

  • @shian Inflated self esteem and lack of humility are hallmarks of a fool. People who keep working at their craft will inevitably reach a higher level of skill; no point in slagging people off at their current level of craftsmanship.

  • Gears are just gears. There are situations you would like to have them for specific shots but as you can't possess everything, going with what you can put your hands on is already a major step. You don't need much to make a film, only two cuts (beginning and end) and at least two images. Some films might be praised for their minimalism use of gear and yet were perfectly capable to challenge people thoughts while others spent a lot of money on the aesthetic but fall short for some reasons, sometimes due to production, sometimes editing did not follow. The worse thing there can be I think in cinema is not doing at all, and it's not because you think you suck at drawing @shian that you should stop drawing nor be afraid to show it to others. I have no particular gift in that field either but what I think matter the most is to allow a production of art to appear to the world, because even if my own vision thinks of myself very low, it might serves at least a few person, and as little as it is knowing you can inspires others, even the least amount of persons, is gratifying for yourself, but also for the others.

    Don't be afraid to post you garden and flowers or family film, I have actually witness a few pieces I really liked even if sometime it was for a minor element (a flare, a specific color...) and it then freed my imagination to go further.

  • Cinematography is not a skill, It's a talent - which is kind of my point. Threads like this are nonsense. Apefos has no demonstrable talent. He didn't post any of his minimalist videos, cuz they all suck. And my main point was, talented insightful people who believe in themselves don't make passive-aggressive bullshit posts like this: read the initial post of this linked thread and you'll understand where my vitriol is coming from.

    With regard to talent, I'm referring to the instinctual ability to transform technique into more than the some of it’s parts. In other words, every art student in the world learns all the same techniques and theories about drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. But only a few have actual talent and can then employ those techniques in such a way that make the rest of us stand in awe.

    As for my arrogance: in my experience the individuals that hold me as arrogant and egotistical and dislike me for it, are those I've made feel stupid by pointing out their lack of talent. There's not one person I respect who openly or privately dislikes me for my arrogance.... not one. These individuals find my arrogance charming. And take it for what it is - comedy. These of course are individuals with whom I share a mutual respect.

  • @shian "Cinematography is not a skill, It's a talent - which is kind of my point."

    No, Cinematography is a lot of things but it's neither a skill or a talent. Both skill and talent are objects completely independent that can help to transcend a lot of things like cooking, drawing... but it's not cinematography. We must separates what Cinematography is from what it's not if we want to have a wise discussion. Same goes for everything, otherwise we aren't going to know much more what it is beside what we think we already know and we all don't know much.

  • @shian

    You have some interesting points, just drop all this attacks on specific member.

    Main point being that you need talent. Under talent you understand some genetic predisposition that you can't compensate by education or anything else.

    From scientific point of view only brain construction differences can provide that you call "talent". And indeed, local difference can be large. And yes, some people can do some things with ease that are very hard to do for other people. And many of this differences come not from genes, but from very complex brain construction process (and it can be influenced by many things). Yet...

    Problem is, that it is only potential. With low probability. With all other thing exactly same, such people can have advantage, sometimes big. Sad thing is - other things are usually very different. Most of such extraordinary talents (as you call it) now work at factories, died in their 20s in the drunk fights, sit at home waiting for their food subsidy, etc.

    It is not secret that cinema is very interconnected business. Many people are actors for generations, all know each other. Many other people are usually in the industry since their childhood. And it is also scientifically understandable. This guys are learning their skill all their life, many - since they are born. May be some are not so talented (as you put it), but they compensate by hard work and learning. And brain is so interesting thing that possible genius that is doing nothing always do inferior to hard working average. Potential is not equal to actual thing.

  • It simply seems as if apefos is a film/video technician, not a filmmaker: So comparing filmmaking talent is comparing apples and oranges.

  • With 10,000 hours practice Malcolm Gladwell says we'll all be good cinematographers.