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Do you think that the GH2 still rocks ?
  • Ok, that topic title was just a gross attempt to share some works made with that wonderful tool, my very first videocam : you name it, the mighty GH2 ^^ Honestly I put a hack a loooong time ago and I can't even remember what it is :p Thanks to the PV community I've learned some basics about everything, from workflow to lightning, I've read a lot, but not wrote much things. For now I must thank you all. The Hack was a good reason not to take the Canon (rebel) way, no regret here ;) I've compiled 3 years of various shooting made with our creative collective, I will be glad to know your personals views on this :

    . I'd like to say that a GH4 is VERY tempting, however I chose to invest in glass, small rigs acessories etc. Not much money left so no excuse for GAS :D Force me to prep more my shots (GH2 is not very forgiving in post for heavy grading, even with the hack).

    So... Cya, videographers !

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  • The reel rocks as does the GH2. I still have 2 of them. Still running Sanity 5.1 (it works with my cards). They are harder to match to my GH4. Basically I have a CC preset to soften the contrast of the GH2 and to strengthen the contrast of the GH4 (which I always shoot in Cine-LikeD) and that's how I can get them to more-or-less match. The GH4 is my A cam and the GH2s are usually locked off shots B & C cams.

  • I'm still using mine faithfully. I think it'll be viable as long as 1080p is.