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Job: VJs needed for short jobs in Lyon, Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai
  • I am searching for cameramen/women or video journalists for quick and simple jobs in Lyon, Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur. The jobs are to film short statements by managers of an internationally operating company. The statements shall be about 60 seconds long and will be combined with other statements filmed by myself. The end product will be a short video about the corporate vision and human resources strategy of the company, used for an internal strategy conference. So it is a one-off job. The managers shall be filmed in factories, meaning they shall be placed in front of a production background. This would require a simple lighting set up. An alternative would be a walk and talk shot with a gimbal. Good sound is very important, so good enough wireless microphones are required. The statements should be filmed between April 13th and May 8th.The rough material shall be delivered to me via a download link. I would brief the contributing cameramen/women or VJs prior to their shots. Payment will be negotiated with me. I am looking forward to recommendations!

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  • Too bad i'm not at Lyon those days! If you need someone in Korea!

  • Hi Adam, when are you in Lyon?

    Best, Helge

  • Not before mid June unfortunately


  • That would be too late indeed. But would you know anyone who you could recommend?