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How to tell which patch is installed?
  • I forgot which patch I have installed on my hacked GH2. Is there a way to find it out with the software?

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  • Install the patch you want, this is simple.

  • Yes, obviously :) The problem is that I want to know exactly which patch I used, b/c the footage was too noisy, so I want to avoid using the same patch again.

  • Done the same thing and I've never figured out a way to tell unless it's one of my regulars.

  • You can use streamparser to tell you the bitrate of clips you're shooting with the patch on the camera now. That may help, if for instance, you find you're shooting at around 120Mb/s, and you've used a patch that comes in at around 120 Mb/s, and the others you've used are always significantly lower like 70 Mb/s, then you can infer which one. But other than that, it's just a matter of putting on a new patch, shooting, and seeing if you like it in terms of noise. Good luck.