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Hawaiian Airlines Sydney Harbour Challenge 2015 (filmmaking on a low budget)
  • My latest video from last Sat, shot with minimal gear (restricted to 7kg carry-on), GH2, LPowell Flowmotion V2, 720p 50@ the low bitrate setting (H), Audio was camera mounted VideoMic Pro into the GH2 jack, Lens 14-140 kit, lightweight 25mm PVC conduit shoulder rig. Hawaiiian Air threw $600k at this event and a plane full of dancers, singers, promotional people and a camera crew of 5 plus drone pilot. I've only used my footage for this short highlights. My fee was 1/1200th of the $600k....and they paid the $59 to park my car.

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  • This is the rig i use, it breaks down to fit in to carry-on luggage and is super light. imageimageimage

    480 x 639 - 114K
    480 x 639 - 111K
    641 x 480 - 103K
  • Really enjoyed that. The music is perfect. I appreciate that you shot with enough depth of field in the Sydney Harbour shots to capture the incredible background and create a sense of place. Call me racist, but I was a little worried in the beginning with the white people doing the tribal dance. At the least the first guy played it with conviction but the rest seemed to be pretty self-conscious about it. But it is what it is. lol I like the bare bones rig. Is it PVC piping painted black? I did see a drone in one of the shots. Were you running that this time? Glad to see LPowell's Flowmotion V2 still being put to good use on the GH2. Not sure what your cut on that $600,000 was but at least they paid your exorbitant parking fee. $59, wtf. As always, great job!

  • Thanks, i believe the performers were part Aboriginal, but you're right, the "whiteness" is immediately apparent. PvC pipe it is, the shoulder support rotates vertical so to use as a body support when shooting belly button height, also handy as a low tripod stand. Yes there was a drone and 5 other cameramen, but i only used footage from my cam for a quick turnaround highlights video. The Phantom 2 actually flew over the top of the Harbour Bridge between the 2 flags. It wasn't a particularly good edit, just a quick one, having the video available for play within a few days after the event gets maximum exposure while interest is still high.

  • Always enjoy your videos gopros?

  • No Pete, most of the canoes have them for private use so i don't bother with gopros anymore, kind of over them. Its more fun operating a camera than just leaving things for chance.