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[The Quiet Escape] - shot on Samsung NX1 -
  • Shot on the Samsung NX1 with crappy Nikon 35mm AIS lens. About leaving the stimulation for peace.

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  • This is great. Beautiful visual style and poignant prose. But, please, speak slower, and enunciate. If you are going to ground your visual style in film noir, you have to (or it would be nice if you) borrowed that auditory style). Just study Bogart a bit and you will be home free. Great promise here.

  • Thanks - I am a little bit manic. I will try harder next time. Thank you very much.

  • I thought that was really great Ed and a seriously great break from camera spec posts. In my opinion, don't change the way you speak to fit a genre trope on a personal experimental short (no offense maxdvz). I almost never post but couldn't stand seeing only one reply to this thread.

  • I saw this on vimeo last night, thought it looked great. A little flat, but it works well here. I saw you put contrast like all the way down, that can really kill midtones but it seems like you made it look pretty darn good. The video kept me interested, has a unique feel.