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D Mount Cine Lenses--Can they be adapted for use with modern cameras?
  • Hello,

    So I know C mount lenses can be used for different modern/digital cameras with varying sensor sizes, as long as you have the right adapter. Can D mount lenses be used in a similar way? Or are they simply too small? Also, was wondering about M mount (Kodak Cine) lenses--can they be adapted for use with newer cameras?

    Thanks for any insights!

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  • Most d-mount lenses have very small image circles. It should be possible to physically adapt the lens to fit on a modern camera, but even the small sensor on the Nikon 1 is about 5x the size of a super 8 frame.

  • They can be adapted, but only to the Pentax Q system - for which they work very well:

    Adapters can be cheaply bought off Ebay.

  • Here's a D-mount adapter for Micro Four Thirds: It will only support lenses with a narrow flange.

    D-mount lenses are for the 8 mm format. On the GH2/GH3/GH4, sensor coverage would be 1420 x 800 pixels for 16:9, which is a hair over 720p. So 720p ETC mode is a very close match. If you shoot 1080p ETC mode and crop to 4:3, coverage is 90%.

    There are no adapters for Kodak Type M cine lenses.

  • Thanks all!