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Nikon D7200 topic
  • Officially announced


    Main specs:

    • 24.2Mp CMOS sensor
    • EXPEED 4 processor
    • 51 point AF
    • 6fps only speed shooting
    • 2x SDHC slots
    • 1/8000 to 30 sec shutter
    • Wi-Fi and NFC
    • Wireless mikes support
    • Very bad video options - up to 1080p30 only, 1080p60 is available in 1.3x crop mode only (m43 sensor size)
    • 20 minutes video limit (due to file size)
    • Mic input, and no headphone output
    • 3.2" Fixed screen (sic!)
    • Available - April 2015
    • Price - $1200 body only, $1700 with 18-140mm f3.5-5.6 lens
    800 x 682 - 78K
    800 x 639 - 72K
    800 x 578 - 69K
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  • Nikon if you not wanna focus on video why add a wireless mike option?

  • Nikon if you not wanna focus on video why add a wireless mike option

    Because they can :-)

  • PR

    Today, Nikon Inc. introduced the Nikon D7200, a powerful DX-format DSLR built for enthusiasts ready to conquer the next challenge in their photographic journey. Featuring a 24.2-megapixel CMOS sensor with no optical low-pass filter (OLPF) and the EXPEED 4 image processing system, the D7200 is capable of incredibly fast performance and capturing phenomenally detailed, sharp images and HD video. Nikon’s newest lightweight DSLR also adds increased buffer capacity compared to the D7100, includes new Picture Controls and offers the experience of Nikon Snapbridge, whereby users seamlessly shoot and share stunning photos from the camera to a compatible smartphone or tablet via built-in Wi-Fi®1 and Near Field Communication (NFC2). Additionally, Nikon introduced the new ME-W1 wireless microphone, a simple solution to DSLR videographers’ wireless sound needs, as well as the new View NX-i imaging software.

    “Those passionate about photography are constantly looking for the next challenge and Nikon is committed to providing the tools necessary to take that passion to the next level,” said Masahiro Horie, Director of Marketing and Planning, Nikon Inc. “The new DX-format Nikon D7200 offers the next level of performance for the enthusiast photographer that wants to creatively capture exceptional images and HD video that can be easily shared with friends and family.”

    Incredible Image Quality

    Nikon’s newest DSLR features a powerful 24.2-megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor with no OLPF capable of producing stunning images and maximum sharpness in nearly any shooting scenario. Combined with the new EXPEED 4 Image Processing engine, the Nikon D7200 renders sharp images and HD video with wide dynamic range, with the added benefit of extremely precise autofocus and metering. Whether on assignment or photographing the next family gathering, the D7200 is the ideal tool to capture important moments with incredible quality. For when available light is scarce, the camera also features a wide ISO range from 100-25,600 to help minimize noise in low-light situations. As always, the Nikon D7200 maintains compatibility with the legendary line of NIKKOR lenses and DSLR accessories which adds even more reach and versatility to any photographer’s kit.

    Powerful Performance for Serious Photographers

    Enthusiast photographers need a DSLR that can keep up with their passions. The Nikon D7200 sports a host of features designed to provide the power and precision needed to take on the next photographic challenge. Courtesy of EXPEED 4, the D7200 features 30% faster image processing than its predecessor, the Nikon D7100, and provides an increased buffer capacity that now allows the camera to shoot 18 consecutive RAW 14-bit lossless compressed images, 27 12-bit compressed shots or 100 JPEG frames. Additionally, this powerful DX-format DSLR offers users the versatility to shoot at 6 frames-per-second (fps) continuously or up to 7 fps in 1.3x crop mode, a popular shooting mode for both sports and wildlife photographers.

    Photographers in need of a versatile, powerful yet lightweight DX-format DSLR need look no further than the Nikon D7200. When shooting fleeting moments or fast action, photographers will appreciate the camera’s pro-caliber 51-point autofocus array powered by a new Advanced Multi-CAM 3500II DX high-density system. The AF points cover a wide DX-format area, and nearly the entire frame using 1.3x crop mode. Even in low-light, the D7200 utilizes 15 cross-type sensors to achieve incredible focus on moving subjects, while the center point works down to f/8, making it great for use with compatible teleconverters. The Nikon D7200 also features a 2,016 RGB metering sensor alongside Nikon’s Scene Recognition System to help achieve the perfect exposure and focus in a variety of shooting scenarios.

    Create, Capture and Share with Incredible Versatility

    The Nikon D7200 is the first Nikon DSLR to feature both built-in Wi-Fi®1 and NFC2 that allow for seamless connectivity and sharing via compatible smart devices. Via NFC, users can simply touch their device to the camera for easy connectivity, while built-in Wi-Fi also allows the user to utilize their smartphone for simple playback and sharing, as well as a remote shutter and monitor.

    In addition to robust performance and incredible image quality, the D7200 also sports a feature set designed to foster creativity in any level of photographer. Nikon’s newest DX-format DSLR features the next generation of Picture Controls, now including Flat and Clarity settings, to help users craft each individual image to their intended expression. These controls have been expanded for use in Live View, while artistic effects can be applied to both stills and video in real time, offering the user the ultimate in creative control. Ergonomically designed and ready to endure the elements, the Nikon D7200 features a durable yet lightweight magnesium alloy body and is ready to tackle the next photographic challenge. Users can also take advantage of a 3.2-inch ultra high-resolution (1,229k dot) LCD monitor and a low-power consumption organic EL (OLED) display element in the optical viewfinder that improves visibility when shooting.

    Impressive Video Capabilities

    The Nikon D7200 inherits many of the high-end video capabilities of Nikon’s latest full frame DSLRs, the Nikon D810 and Nikon D750. Ready to capture top-quality HD video at a moment’s notice, users can take advantage of a robust video feature set that allows videographers to record uncompressed and compressed Full HD 1080 footage at 30/25/24p and 1080 at 60/50p in 1.3x Crop Mode. Additionally, Auto ISO sensitivity is now available in manual mode, helping create smooth exposure transitions without changing shutter speed or aperture, while “zebra stripes” highlight display is available to confirm exposure. Video controls are available through a dedicated movie menu for quick access, while aspiring videographers can also utilize a built-in stereo microphone with 20 step adjustments to record smooth DSLR audio. The D7200 is also the first Nikon DX-format DSLR to feature a built-in Time Lapse Mode with exposure smoothing, making capturing a beautiful sunset time-lapse easier than ever.

    ME-W1: A Simple Solution to Wireless Sound in DSLR Video

    Nikon has also introduced a versatile new wireless lavalier microphone for Nikon users, the ME-W1, capable of capturing crisp and detailed audio wirelessly. Weather resistant and powered by two AAA batteries, users can wirelessly record audio in mono or stereo (when connected to the ME-1 stereo microphone) from up to 50m (164 ft.) away. Great for bloggers, aspiring videographers or even professionals, the ME-W1 makes recording audio for DSLR video simple, without sacrificing quality sound.

    View NX-i: New, Innovative Software for Photographers

    For photographers that wish to take control of their images after capture, Nikon also announces new View NX-i browsing software that allows for more intuitive control of images than ever before. View NX-i allows users to browse RAW files adjusted by Capture NX-D software and provides the easy upload of images to social networks.

  • About mike

    ME-W1 Primary Features


    When recording movies with a Nikon digital camera equipped with an external microphone connector (digital SLR camera, Nikon 1 camera, COOLPIX camera), the ME-W1 enables clear off-camera audio recording when the intended subject (sounds) is too far away for effective recording using the camera's built-in microphone, or an external microphone attached to the camera's accessory shoe.


    • Bluetooth® specification Power Class 1 support enables recording of sounds as far away as approximately 50 m
    • Water-resistant for worry-free use, even outside
    • Both distant sounds and those near the videographer can be recorded, and two-way communication* between a distant subject and the videographer is possible
    • Requires use of third-party headphones or earphones.
    • Stereo sound can be recorded when ME-1 Stereo Microphone is connected to the microphone component
    • $250 price

    Seems to be bad copy of Sony Bluetooth mikes

    739 x 496 - 97K
    792 x 448 - 42K
  • Very bad video options - up to 1080p30 only, 1080p60 is available in 1.3x crop mode only (m43 sensor size)

    This is horrible. I already have two of my favorite lenses Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 and 50mm f1.4 all in Nikon mount. I was looking for a good still camera and this would have made much sense. I also kinda wanted the video of the camera to be above average. What a let down Nikon!! I am sure Samsung, Panasonic, and Sony and are liking this.

  • TL;DR:

    • Best video DSLR choice from Nikon in APS-C format: D5300

    • Best video DSLR choice from Nikon in full-frame format: D750

    Question for Nikon: If you're a still photographer looking for a semi-pro 24 Mpix DSLR for less than $1500, why would you buy the D7200 instead of the D610?

  • If you're still photographer looking for a semi-pro 24 Mpix DSLR for less than $1500, why would you buy the D7200 instead of the D610?

    If I have same medical diagnosis matching as Nikon managers, why not?

  • Such a terribly disappointing release (though hardly hugely surprising, but after the D5300 and D750 I had higher hopes!).

    Lack of higher than 60fps, no 4K, no peaking, no adjustable screen (I prefer the D5300 screen, but even a D750 screen would be hugely helpful), just to list a few things it could've done but didn't.

    Edit, wrote a short blog post about the announcement (basically just expanding on my initial comment here):

  • no Kelvin scale in WB - lol Im glad I got d7100 few mount ego as Price will increase now:)

  • Is it sure that it is only possible to get 6o fps at only 1.3 crop? Because they had some typo in the announcement and I am thinking that it must be anther one as the d5300 and d5500 (I think even the D3300) had 60 fps at dx size.

  • "no Kelvin scale in WB - lol Im glad I got d7100 few mount ego as Price will increase now:)"

    Wow, that's an absolute requirement. Was holding off on selling my nikon gear, but I'm not anymore. Nikon obviously is not looking towards the future.

  • As a D7100 owner, there is absolutely no point upgrading to this camera. Nice joke, Nikon, but I'm not sure I get the punchline!

  • I don't understand how Nikon could make such a mistake. They were going so good with their other new releases. Aside from the light leak issue, the D750 was a very nice camera. It made me think all they needed now was 4K. They're right on the brink of making some compelling hybrid cameras. I personally LOVE the look of the D810 and D750 image. If you put that image together with 4K it would be KILLER!!! I was sure that the D7200 would be a home run.

  • I guess Samsung will pick up some ex Nikon fans now :).

  • What a let down! This increment upgrade is a few years to late. I will keep my D5300. At this rate, Nikon will be out of business before they come out with the camera I need.

  • image

    D7200 is very good camera to upgrade to. You will feel at home with the way you use the camera, but the extra dials and buttons - plus the 100% viewfinder - make for a more tactile and therefore - to some - a better overall experience.

    It is a shame not to see an articulating or touch sensitive screen (or both!) though here, as that would make some aspects of shooting even easier. Inbuilt Wi-Fi is useful, but it would be good if Nikon could put a little more thought into the capabilities of the app that accompanies it - only being able to trip the shutter release is a little limiting.

    800 x 500 - 108K