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Natron, openS, nodal, compositing app. Or win, linux and mac free Nuke




    Thanks to @czarek for heads up on this "thing" called Natron.
    Actually in version 1.2.1 and beta v2, it comes bundled with lots of useful plugins and features and there's some more you can throw in for free, like the TuttleOFXs. If you're doing frequent or/and complex composite work and want a FREE node based workflow solution, check this baby out, it's a clone of Nuke... for more adventurous, less purchasing power people with loads of work :P

    It is not by any means my "area", so other people can take over the thread and give better and knowledgeable answers and advice.
    I can only say that I'm really enjoying the experience, cheers =)

    Natron forum -!forum/natron-vfx

    MERCI BEAUCOUP à Alexandre Gauthier-Foichat et Fréderic Devernay
    and all people contributing to this project

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  • Could've been a pretty interesting project, however the free version of Fusion totally killed it, imho.

  • Having used at first Fusion, then Nuke for the past 15 years, I'm happy to see more accessible versions of nodal compositors get out there. I've played with Natron a bit and think it could be a contender once it gets up to version 2 or so. Right now it's in need of several more tools to make it complete. However once it gets there it will have a few advantages over the free version of Fusion: unlimited render nodes and the ability to use (Ofx) plugins. I look forward to it's development.