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Ultra low budget quadcopter for filming with a GoPro?
  • What very low budget quadcopter would people recommend that can still carry a GoPro on it?

    My purposes is for very low budget productions to add in a little bit of basic aerial shots to include into videos I do at the moment, such as weddings, real estate videos, and the odd corporate shoot (and for the various no budget things I do now and then such as films and music videos).

    My short list would be (with the CX20 looking like my favourite):

    All can carry a GoPro on them. (though the second one, the cheapest, requires some modding I think, and does stretch the lift capacity to the limits)

    FPV + Gimbal for the GoPro would both be "nice to haves" as well.

    Though both things that can be purchased later on to add to the quadcopter, and not right now.

    Anything else I'm missing or should be considering, please point out! :-)

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  • Probably in same situation. But think people usually prefer 2d hand Dji Phamton 1 than a brand new cheap cheerson.

    Gimbal is a "must have", and there are some cheaps chinesse gimbal around 70$.

  • Get my good advice, do not go lower than Walkera x350 Pro + their 3 axis gimbal.

  • I have a walkera 3 axis and it's quite good. Do not expect to get usable shots without gimbal and downlink!

  • Grimor: I'm in NZ, which is a tiny market, kinda rare for a 2nd hand DJI Phantom 1 to pop up and when it would, the price would be far higher than a CX-20. Even though it seems to me the CX-20 is better featured.

    A gimbal will be the very next thing I'll research! Will order one some time in the next week or so, just like to take it one step at a time :-) Rather than leaping in all at once with everything.

    Vitaliy: From what I can read, the CX-20 is as good as the X350, if not even better.

  • Vitaliy: From what I can read, the CX-20 is as good as the X350, if not even better.

    Get my advice, avoid CX-20.

    And get X350 Pro (not X350).

    One of Walkera advantages is budget remotes with screens, as well as cameras with integrated transmitter.

    Something tells me that you do not understand that you NEED 3 axis gimbal as well as video transmitter with good remote.

  • I got the cx-20 last week, but yes the Walkera does insure that you won't have to spend any extra for a full fpv system. Instead of waiting until I had the extra cash I got happy and purchased the cx-20 instead. Still happy with the purchase but I'll have to spend extra now.

  • Phantom 1, and do it yourselfing the Hd-2D gimbal isn't a bad way to go.

  • Given I just need a few seconds worth to spice up a low budget video, and not filming any live events, so can do multiple flyovers, I think I can live without FPV initially and add it in a month or three later on. (one thing at a time... rather than rushing to add it all in all at once!)

    But yeah, I totally agree with Vitaliy and others that a gimbal is the next item I'd need to research immediately. (recommendations for gimbal?) However FPV is something I'd add in the very near term afterwards.

    My time frame is something like: order a quad asap, order gimbal in the next week or two once I've researched that next, and FPV sometime later in the coming months.

    In that way, I'm kinda in a similar boat to @Gardner. Doing it gradually. And the fact the price of CX-20 is under the threshold for customs tax into NZ is making me seriously consider it over the others.

  • @IronFilm Yea I ordered the CX-20 and Gimbal at first but the people weren't that bright I guess and only sent the Drone.

  • What Kellar42 said...your going to need some time learning to fly it too.

  • This video should save you from breaking a landing gear.

  • @ironfilm

    I've had great success simply putting a GoPro on a pole. I have a cheap gimbal for the purpose. Window cleaning poles are many long and you can get high and steady.

    On the other hand I recently flew a DJI Phantom II. The real surprise here is that it is geared to film making, unlike my small collection of Quads and Hexes, which are geared to performance and agility. The Phantom would suit a novice way more, and it has the safety of the 'GoHome' button that you can have a finger on in case you get into trouble.

    I notices that my friend always picks the Phantom out of the hover rather than land it, is does toilet bowl a bit close to the ground and can topple in grass easily.

  • Instead of buying A7s I bought phantom 2 + FPV + gopro 4 instead and never regret it, since not many people have copter, it actually opens up more opportunity for me to work with more people :)

    I bought a toy copter with FPV to practice flying before I spend the big money, though still I got 2 crash that cost me some more $$ to repair :S

    But footage from gopro still need something to be desired, now waiting for DJI to make Inspire 1 with M43 sensor.

  • If you ask me, something like this is best for beginner

    Not ultra budget, but ready to run solution with video feed (later you can add GoPro for slightly better picture, or custom small gimbal and GM1 like camera). Plus Walkera atteries and parts are cheaper compared to DJI.

  • Sorry for the bad link to B and H. I subscribe to their deal zone emails and got an email today about phantoms on sale. I was able to get an open box phantom with gopro mount for just over $300 u.s. a few months ago. The links seem to not be able to copy n paste. If u want a phantom cheap sign up and for the deal zone and wait for the next sale.

  • Yeah I saw the sale on the refurbished copies. Still is a little more expensive than what I ended up going for, but if your an american it is worthwhile checking out the B&H deal (as you'll get free shipping and no tax hopefully, unlike myself in NZ. which makes even this sale price still a lot more than a kitted out CX-20).

    Oh, got some bad news yesterday.... even though I ordered it ages ago, Banggood just emailed explaining how it isn't in stock somive got yet another further three week delay before they'll even ship it! Oh well.