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nuke in ukraine ?
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  • LOL, I hope you can read so know the facts.

  • Forgive me my ignorance What are the facts?

  • Forgive me my ignorance What are the facts?

    What really happened.

  • @Vitaliy - what are the facts ? I trust my own eyes alot more than any news source. Notice the near spherical explosion. RT blames it on a dropped cigarette. Yeah...that sounds feasible ! Ukraine said it was a chemical plant, yet that would produce an asymmetrical explosion. So don't lol so soon. Here's another from syria -

  • Yeah...that sounds feasible ! Ukraine said it was a chemical plant, yet that would produce an asymmetrical explosion.

    Well, it was factory making weapons and hit was on big pile of it.

  • The war in the Ukraine is tragic enough without fake stories on nukes - almost every industrialized country runs enough infrasound detectors to be able to locate real nuke explosions (for reasons of earthquake research) and enough radioactivity detectors to sense the fallout of nukes even over greater distances (those detectors are mostly there to alarm about incidents in nuclear power plants). Be assured that if a nuke was used, the world would know, even if one or the other country would like to keep it a secret.

    Unluckily, all those detectors cannot provide evidence of foreign agents provocateurs entering the Ukraine to turn it into a theatre for their proxy wars.

    Guess we'll see a full blown re-enactment of the cold war era, including the expensive weapon stockpiling and near-armageddon misunderstandings that we so much not missed the last 25 years.

  •'s not possible to detect seismic signature of a small nuke detonated above ground. With Obama about to arm ukraine...and that your german, you might decide to stay in the maldives for a few years !

  • Are there any fact whatsoever that this is a nuke? Looks just like any ole splosion to me.

  • the fireball seems too short in duration for a nuke...

  • There is good proof that the US uses nuclear least depleted uranium weapons in Fallujah Iraq. So while this probably wasn't a nuke this time, don't think it far from likely we'll be seeing this in the coming years...months...or even weeks, esp. if the US escalates the ukrainian crisis as now seems probable. And also the night time syrian explosion where lightening was seen accompanying the detonation is pretty convincing. And of course...911 was most likely a mini-nuke event. Burned out cars 300 meters away...molten granite substrate...large crater beneath the building 6...and pockets of molten metal that lasted for months after the event that were impossible to cool. And of course the collapse of steel structures at freefall thru the path of greatest resistance. Not to mention the first responders health crisis.

  • You don't need a nuke to destroy a chemical plant. A small missile is more than enough to light up all the stocks of fuel elements. It would be like you want to use a bazooka on a car that you have covered with oil. Just use a lighter and watch the spectacle.

    Notice how the explosion at the end looks like a nuke in its shape.

  • It's so sad to see the current futile attempts of some EU leaders to give diplomacy a chance in this conflict - while all the major players are eager to go to war. Poroschenkow and the separatists both just want to see their opponents dead, Putin sends unmarked troops and weapons to help the separatists fight for his "Greater Russia" fiction and the US sends Victoria Nuland of "Fuck the EU!" fame to fuel the military conflict with additional weapons from the other side.

    Sure, we've seen a lot of armed conflicts in recent years in many countries, and some of them really bloody. But the Ukraine conflict is special in that its not ethnic or religious groups fighting over century old cultural differences in the n'th round of retaliation, but we see two hardly different groups of people who have lived alongside each other without significant conflict for decades now killing each other for no recognizeable purpose. No matter which side "wins" the power struggle, the situation for everybody living there will be much worse than before this war started.

    The only real "winners" will be some weapon producers and of course the Chinese, who are clever enough to keep away from this shit, while becoming stronger both economically and regarding their military.

  • ah...cuban missle crisis anyone ? We seem to think the USA can have it's sphere of influence but russia isn't allowed one ? Come on....the crimea voted over 85% to be a part of russia and then the american lackeys said putin had forcibly taken it. Now the nyt has admitted that the saudis lowered the bottom on oil prices as a means of forcing putin to let assad adrift. There was a tacit agreement that nato would not attempt to swallow former soviet countries....and nato has blatantly broken it's promise. What would happen if russia attempted to pry mexico from under the usa's thumb ? The truth is the military/bankster complex wants to rule the world, to everyone's demise. The only man standing in their way is putin.

  • The U.S. and its NATO partners too envision the possibility of nuclear use in a European war. The Obama Administration had the opportunity to back away from such thinking in a 2010 Nuclear Posture Review, and instead decided it would retain forward-deployed nuclear weapons in Europe under a doctrine known as extended deterrence.Eastern European nations that joined NATO after the Soviet collapse have been especially supportive of having U.S. nuclear weapons nearby. So improbable though it may seem, doctrine and capabilities exist on both sides that could lead to nuclear use in a confrontation over Ukraine.

    Four Ways The Ukraine Crisis Could Escalate To Use Of Nuclear Weapons

  • ....looks like some people are very interested in what's happening in ukraine. This is one very strange video. It's from august 2014. Is there another explanation for the orbs at the end of the video...other than the obvious.

  • What's the point of detonating a nuke if it doesn't end the conflict? And a nuke doesn't just destroy glass. Little boy dropped on Hiroshima was probably 4-3 times the equivalent in kilotons of what the video claim and it roughly disintegrated 60 000 house. And in case you didn't know, Nuclear is expensive and rare, there's no way you use it to destroy a couple of small building.