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My latest project - Norfolk Island shot from Drone, Land and Jetski
  • I shot the jetski and Land footage, the Phantom with HD3+ and the Inspire Drone footage was piloted by a friend of mine. The 4k from the tiny Inspire camera is stunning. I had to defisheye the Gopro footage to make it match the Inspire clips which has no deformity at the horizon. I must say the phantom and gopro did a fantastic job ( 90% of the clips are Gopro Phantom)

    All other cameras were GH1 and GH2 with LPowell hacks. Interviews and voice over were Cheap lav with Zoom H1 or the Video Mic Pro plugged into the GH2 with Pasadena Audio Hack Lenses were the ever reliable old Panny 14-140 and Pancake 20mm.

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  • @Rambo Amazing footage. Thanks for posting.

  • Thanks Matt, as per usual, all my gear was minimal and traveled with me as 7kg carry on.

  • Great stuff. May I ask what your defish method is?

  • Wow. Wow. Incredible footage. The drone footage is amazing. Great pilot. If I could say anything in a constructive criticism kind of way would be to have a bit more narration in the latter part of the video. As in people talking and telling their stories of the race. This is a very interesting lot that have chosen to live on this remote but beautiful island and the ones you featured offers much human interest. But still, it doesn't really need it given the awesome visuals. Brilliant.

  • Defish for the gopro footage was the defish in Gopro Studio. Maxdvz, i agree there is much more to the Norfolk Island story/history that could be told (convict history, Mutiny on the Bounty, Captain Cook etc ) but the brief from the people who contracted me for this was to focus on the race and visuals and produce video that would attract more people from around the world to the event, this was the inaugural year. I was on expenses only for this shoot, so time was limited to produce something more of a story, plus as an event shooter, story telling is my weakness. Thanks for watching.

  • Jaw Dropping video @Rambo, just in awe of planet Earth's beauty.
    You've captured it well.
    NOC folks should get their boost based on the visuals alone.

    Was the phantom piloted from chase boat or jet ski in the over-the-water shots?

    How does Norfolk rate in the "wow scale" of race venues you've visited?

  • Woody, thanks. Drone was piloted from a chase boat. Norfolk rates well, but all venues are unique. Race Circumnavigation of the following Islands are all great and different, Hong Kong Island, Hamilton Island, Manhattan Island, Cook Island etc and many more. I've also done events in Sardinia, Hawaii, Tahiti, New Zealand, San Francisco, Bratislava, Fiji + others. What's different is the location, culture and people.