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Trudno Byt Bogom...who's seen it ?
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  • @kurth Interesting review by Ebert. I've added it to my Netflix queue. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Never seen anything like it. I was pulled into it like few other films I've seen, constantly reflecting over what I was watching. Great cinematography. But I'd be careful recommending it - I reckon 99% of viewers will absolutely hate it. Very hard watch.

  • Sorry for correcting spelling but it is my native language :), title is "Trudno Byc Bogiem" or with origin font "Trudno Być Bogiem"

  • @konjow thanks , that's just how they spell it on english sites. I hear there's a blu ray available in russia. I tried to download a torrent from a russian site...but I got a virus along with only half the file ! Took me a few hours to repair.

    @eyenorth...lucky man. You get the prize. 99% of today's cinema is un-recommendable. When something of genius comes along, it can't be missed. It looks like the heir to seventh seal, but on crack !

    Anyone know a source other than the real cinema ? English subs are available at opensubtitles.

    @matt_gh2 ...not sure this one will make it to netflixs ! I've got a torrent link if you've got the courage !

  • :) I was wrong. it is another recent title I was thinking about. Yours is OK straight from russian fonts :). Sorry

  • @kurth Netflix has it as a "Save", which means they intend to get it, and usually 6 months later it arrives. I once put something on save and it came 3 years later. I have another source-if it works I'll pm with info.

  • Extended Trailer 17m

    Full Movie ( Russian only ) the opensubtitle english subs appears to work with this

  • ...great find even in 360p. downloading now and will try the subs. this screams for at least 720 but thanx mucho

    ps...found this torrent. at least it doesn't have naked girls all over the page. who's got really good virus protection ? After thought...better ask first .

  • change the name of the subs to same as video and it works

  • 1989 version, there's a 720p version on another site with no subs, but subs are at opensubtitles

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Hard to Be a God

    Directed by Peter Fleischmann

    Starring Werner Herzog Alexander Philippenko Edward Żentara Music by Jürgen Fritz Cinematography Jerzy Goscik Pavel Lebeshev Klaus Müller-Laue Edited by Marie-Josée Audiard Christian Virmond Release dates 1989 Running time 119 min. Country Soviet Union West Germany Language Russian

    Hard to Be a God (German: Es ist nicht leicht ein Gott zu sein, Russian: Трудно быть богом) is a joint USSR-Germany science fiction film directed by Peter Fleischmann released in 1989, based on the novel of the same name by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky.

    The Strugatsky brothers' main request was for the director to be of Soviet origin, possibly Aleksei German. Still, against their will, Fleischmann became the director of this project. Because of Fleischmann's intractability and difficult nature, Arkady and Boris Strugatsky stopped collaborating with him and abandoned the film. As a result the final product was heavily criticized by them. (source in Russian)[not in citation given] This led to the 2013 film development.

  • @jleo - yeah this versions on yt. I was able to watch 2 minutes ! Nothing compared to the 2013 version..obviously heavily influence by bruegel and bergman. Really nice in hd too !