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Personal View FOTGA Video Contest
  • Welcome to our next video contest.

    It is good tradition to make winter video contests on PV.


    1. You can submit TWO videos made by you personally using any camera. Just post it in this topic.
    2. Video must have really good story you want to tell to viewers. Music videos, horrors and pretty moving slideshows are not accepted as entries.
    3. Clip must reside on vimeo or youtube video hostings and must have "personal-view contest" text and link to contest page (for contest time).
    4. Video must be between 3 and 10 minutes in length (for longer length entries you must PM me).
    5. Only videos made in November 2014 or later are accepted. Do not submit your one year old video.
    6. New videos made specially for contest will have priority if all else equal.
    7. Videos featuring pets or animals like cat, dog, hamster, etc will have small bonus added in evaluation.
    8. Video about real life economics (manufacturing, etc) will have small bonus added in evaluation.

    Winner, 2rd and 3nd places will be selected by me personally (VK) after viewing all entries no later than one week after deadline,
    I will consult some influential members also for their opinion.


    For Winner

    Full Fotga camera rig (mattebox, follow focus, camera base, rods and offset shoulder pad).



    2nd place

    Fotga M4 matte box, includes rods and C bracket


    3rd place

    Forga DP500 2 follow focus with QR


    800 x 465 - 34K
    800 x 696 - 55K
    800 x 641 - 45K
    800 x 638 - 45K
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  • Only videos made in November 2014 or sooner are accepted

    You mean 'November 2014 or later', right?

  • You mean 'November 2014 or later', right?

    Yep, fixed. :-) Born November 2014 or younger :-)

  • When you say real story, does it have to be true story (like a documentary)? Or can it be narrative fiction?

  • My entry!!


  • When you say real story, does it have to be true story (like a documentary)? Or can it be narrative fiction?

    Any good story.

  • Here is my entry, I hope you guys enjoy the mini documentary and the story.

  • Here's my entry. Shot in India on a Hacked GH2 with old Nikkor primes, slight movement on one shot with Flycam Nano DSLR. Storyline is based around two underprivileged children trying to loot kites and partake in an indian kite festival called shakrain.

    I just uploaded it to Vimeo and put a link here. Is that the correct procedure? Thanks.

  • One Year production.... Factory - from A to Z..... promo factory short.... created using Panasonic HMC151, Lumix LX7, Lumix FZ1000 (in last part), (Lumix GH3 and GoPro3 in aerialscenes) and GoPro2 Timelapses.... ;) enjoy....

  • Good thing I actually produced two movies in November then ;) First one is a fish festival in early november (they put fish in cans for 3 months and then eat it...). 25000 show up for a weekend festival. The second is ligting the candles of the Christmas tree in my local village. A very nice tradition and probably funny language for most of you here ;)


  • Here's my entry. Shot in november on a Aaton 16mm film camera with Kodak 500T film. Enjoy!

  • Here is My entry.... filmed on GH2

  • Here is my brand new short film premiering for the Personal View FOTGA Video Contest. Shot on Hacked GH2 (Voigtlander Nokton 25mm f/0.95 Lens, SLR Magic Cine 12mm t1.6) , Nokia N9, Sony HX100V camera.

    Talent is my newly born Nephew. (He has been too patient with his uncle already). :)

    Wanted to experiment with POV's,HDR effect (as explained on vimeo forums for GH2 of making multiple layers on the edit), color to monochrome transitions as a part of the narrative and some symbolic deep meanings which i wanted to communicate via the film. I think i have tried my best to communicate it in the most interesting and fresh approach as possible with the resources at hand.

    Music is by my close associate Joy and some sequences have been done by London based Visual artist Jane Webb. VO is by professional Bollywood actor from India Kaliprasad Mukherjee.

    (*PANEL please note there are 3 dogs shown at 0:41)

    Thank you Personal view, Fotga and Vitaliy for this opportunity to us.

  • My entry! Filmed on Nikon D800

  • Hi guys, here is my entry. I've shot it in September but edited only in December, so, technically it should match the contest conditions. Sorry, it is in Russian, but Vitaliy should understand it :) It is a story about us floating on kayaks down the river.

  • My second entry, shot at the end of September and edited and published in December. Another way of understanding sports. Hope you like it!

  • A Thousand Times Before

  • Hi, we shoot this in august'14, but finished production on 1st of december.

    This not a story, told regular way, with narration, but this is attempt to communicate on another level.

    *(I used GH2 and extremely cheap lenses - 25$ cctv 35mm and body cap-pancake lens - 30$, 15mm, so image is not perfect or even sharp sometimes)

  • Well this escalated quickly! :)

  • Here is my entry. A short video clip where I had to re-Cycle some of my old footage, captured in July 2014 finished in December. This is a loop / routine / cycle of a person from our society. It's so easy to do nothing .... but our routine ! Be different , be creative, do something..... don't fall into a monotonous routine.

  • This is my entry to the contest, made especially for it. I welcome all dog-related bonus points that I can get:

  • Here's a silly short I made. I hope you like it. I shot it on a hacked GH2 with some old Nikon Lens.

  • here is a wedding i shot in august n finished post process 3 days ago. Hope wedding trailors are accepted. Shot on Lumix line, GH4, Gh2, and Gh13 using variety of lenses. cheers

  • Hello, Here is my entry completed in December.

  • Here is my entry about a moving to a new city and getting to love it.

  • Hi Vitaliy, what happens if there aren't 25 entries?