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Horseshit on the Big Screen
  • An independent, experi(mental) filmmaker in Hollywood refuses to go digital, while also refusing to process his 16mm negative using all those horrible toxic chemicals. Here’s the link to his latest crowd-sourced offering. Personal view? -I think it’s the real shit!

    While the stuff of celluloid film is partially made up of waste elbows and arseholes, it kind of makes sense to process with horse dirt. Please chime in here with your super 8mm, 16mm and 35mm love (or horror) stories.

    640 x 480 - 156K
  • 3 Replies sorted by
  • Why post it here?

  • it's only as good as the movie itself.. seems like some ridiculously stupid gimmick to me, but there's probably enough suckers to pay for its kickstarter

  • Sounds like someone wants to remake Southpark Season 18 Episode 1 in read life :-)