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If you have the opportunity go see Kis Uykusu, aka Winter Sleep
  • Hi there PVs

    Just came from the cinema. Still shook...
    Ceylan's latest Kis uykusu is by no means an easy piece... by that I mean (hard to explain) that despite being a character based film, there's no judgment whatsoever, there's not a moral ethno-technical POV; that part IF happening at all is going to come from you. Personally I find this very mature and fascinating because Bilge Ceylan is giving us all possible space, each person will be able to construct his/her own Winter Sleep. It is also not easy because paradoxically it carries "concealed" a sensitive and intelligent but also very tough critique to ALL turkish social stratus; one might easily extrapolate that to the rest of the world, specially the rural zones. The landscape is gorgeous but it is also a confinement element, all very shakespearean. Throughout the 196 minutes I felt completely immersed in these few character's lifes, I surprised myself analysing and judging them, establishing and measuring their acts with a stupid moral system that, either in day to day normal life and specially here is utterly worthless.

    Despite knocking on many doors, I end up going alone to this experience and it was good to be left alone with these guys. Also it was good later on to meet with someone who had watched the film and talk a little bit about it, also (like any good story) we had to talk a little bit about us... and we agreed that Winter Sleep has some of Buñuel and some of Bergman (but without the sensuousness - she said) and I might add some of (early) Kurosawa. It's a lot like real life in a totally no bullshit devastating slowly progression of "things" through an uber complex matrix of relationships, ay I bet you that if ants "had feelings" and to pay/receive rent they'll be all fucked up too.

    After Ilklimer and now this, I can ridiculously call myself a Ceylan fan and can even brag (to people who care about such things) about it winning last Canne's festival Palm D'or.
    Anyway I though of you guys, specially those who hadn't seen it and "must" firmly insist, je je
    If you have the opportunity go see Kis Uykusu, just remember to empty your bladder first +)




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  • I prefer 'Once Upon a Time in Anatolia'.