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Test of CN-R640 LED Ring Light
  • Here's a quick test of this Ring Light. It came up cheap on e-bay then disappeared, I tracked down a UK supplier that apparently had a six week wait. It arrived in four days!

    I've been having a idea about an interface's POV, in that you see characters from behind the interface, so that formed the based of this test:

    It took more time to set up than shoot (about 2 hours). In this test the Ring Light is set to 50% brightness and the white balance is set at 5600K. I believe its going to be a pretty useful addition to my lighting and the only downside it that I can't find a suitable soft bag to protect it in transit.

    The music was assembled from kits from Big Fish Audio.

    2425 x 2928 - 2M
    4389 x 2584 - 2M