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Free program for .mts to virtually any (editing)codec conversion (XMedia Recode for PC)
  • Hey guys just wanted to share an easy workflow I found for converting my raw .mts-footage to .mov-files with DNxHD 120 (very good editing codec from AVID - even my Netbook is capable of offline editing with this, for better quality use DNxHD 180 or else). This program: can do batch conversion of video (and also audiofiles). It has a lot of settings for each different format it can convert to (I use MOV and then the VC3/DNxHD set. you can then decide which setting of the codec you want to use, e.g 1080 at 25p with a bitrate of 120 Mb/s -> DNxHD 120, which I highly recommend but you can convert to virtually any video format) If you don't already have it installed, download the AVID Codec pack:

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  • I don't see anything at about mts input. (Does the job, tho' - .mts -> .mp4 in Linux/Wine)

  • Yes, i sent a mail to the developer some while ago, but no response. But I'm glad that it works either way. Small problem I found: Spanned files don't get automatically recognized and merged, so you end up with two or more files, just like on the SD-Cards. The spanned transcoded parts (e.g. file2 or file3) sometimes have a broken/glitchy first frame! This is a uncomfortable problem and I couldn't find a workaround so far (In this case I could luckily cut to different camera angles, but still unnerving for different situations...). I use Adobe PPro for now as a workaround to automatically merge the parts and export per Adobe Media Encoder to DNxHD 120 which takes significantly longer, sadly. Then I use these for the edit. Seems like a problem of how xmedia handles the files, since 5DtoRGB does not show these problems. Similar/different experiences anyone?

  • I use the mac version of MTSMerger. Still works in os 10.8. I have found that the spanned clips are always missing 2 frames when laid into a PremierePro timeline. With this utility, the problem is gone.

    Of course back up your files first and use at your own risk:

  • Use ffmpeg.exe Why to use adware that anyway calls ffmpeg?

    Also there is no need in any software to merge MTS files. Because it is a transport stream format. It can be just copied to one file using one command line command. On windows it is just "copy /b".

  • @rean thanks, didn't know about the win command!