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18-35mm Sigma Canon mount and GH2
  • Hi all. What do you thing guys about using Sigma 18-35 1.8 only wide open on GH2 (yes i want Canon version). It is enough sharp for wide scenes (18mm i mean)? And are the cheaper adapters with build-in aperture vignetting? Sorry for my english.

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  • Hmm. Why are you not getting the Nikon Version with a focal reducer? Sure - It´s more expensive (especially with the metabones SpeedBooster). But there you get a very nice aperture control (on the adapter), you don´t have issues with vignetting (through the adapter-internal-aperture of the cheap EF to MFT adapters) AND you´re gaining one stop of light. As a "bonus" you also get a wider angle field of view. And a used Metabones Nikon-G to MFT SpeedBooster isn´t THAT expensive either.

    Btw.: If a SpeedBooster is still too pricey -> Metabones is also offering a very nice aperture control Nikon-G to MFT adapter (without the focal reducer glass). Same very nice aperture control - Which has a longer control way and better mechanics than the cheaper adapters. And I saw it already go for 60 to 80 bucks (used) on Ebay for example. Quite a bargain (and not more expensive than a good EF to MFT adapter with that weird aperture (in the adapter itself).


    I wouldn´t recommend that. It´s just not working well - And no one can tell you if there´s vignetting on the GH2 + 18-35mm F1.8 - As many aren´t using the smaller crop factor GH2 any more - And if, they are using the way better working Nikon edition. Sorry to say that ^^.

  • Just don't buy it (or any other lens!!) in Canon mount!

    It is a pain in the ass. Do the sensible thing and buy your lenses with a Nikon F mount :-D

    And use the focal reducer you can get here:

    The Sigma 18-35mm with any of my GH1/G3/GF3 works just fine together. But as Tscheckoff mentioned it is a bit different with the GH2, I'd take a guess and say yes it would work... but don't hold me to that.

  • Thanks guys. I was shooting by Nikon two years. Now i swtitched to Canon, becouse i more like the colours of Raw. I had lens turbo on nikon so i know about it:)

    So again my question: Is sigma 18-35 wide open enough sharp for video on GH2? Thanks.

  • Since folks use that glass on S-35 sensors and have it even re-housed for PL mount, I'd say: yes!

  • Hmm. Stop down a little bit (to around F2.0 for example). At F1.8 is just A LITTLE BIT soft. Though on a speedbooster / focal reducer maybe even that is gone wide open ^^. (Only used it with a normal standard Nikon G adapter on a GH2.)

  • I'm thinking of buying one of these lenses for my GH4. What's its range if used with just an adapter, i.e., how wide or narrow is it?

  • It is perfect lens with very nice range on M43, but i sold it already - too heavy. For me its better choise combo of panasonic 20mm 1,7 and minolta 50mm 1.4.

  • I am planning on buying this lens but I am not sure which mount version I should get for my GH2. Can someone confirm my understandings from below.

    Using Sigma 18-35mm Canon EF mount with Metabones Speedbooster/Adapter you can't change aperture electronically nor physical?

    Using Sigma 18-35mm Nikon G mount with Metabones Speedbooster/Adapter you can change aperture physically on the adapter?

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